Photo taken at a puppet show in Paris,1963. It was shot at the exact moment when the dragon was slain.

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I've been looking forward to this

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Snagged my granddads (86’) ski wear for my trip to slopes

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The way its cut is beautiful

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Bathroom at my dentist has a picture of the bathroom at my dentist hanging on the wall.

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Top Moderator of r/conspiracy, axolotl_peyotl, has been permanently suspended.

axolotl_peyotl was a far right, extreme pro-Trump, anti-vaxx, anti-Semitic moderator and was notorious for their itchy trigger finger on the ban button.

At times this mod would spam over 100 pro-Trump posts a day, deleting their posts and spamming them over and over until they got the response they wanted, all while banning dozens of people per post. Anyone that openly challenged them or Trump would be immediacy banned.

In their final days they started to spam a off-site domain that is highly similar to where white supremacist refugees from Reddit fled to.

As seen here, a year end overview of their moderator action and censorship action: axolotl_peyotl

A message from the dickwad via proxy.

Comments Removed: 9,809

Posts Removed: 400

Users Banned: 2,193

Ignored Reports On Their Own Content: 834

F in the chat thread is made in r/conspiracy by a fellow mod, praising Axos work. The vast majority of the comments are from users of the sub calling out Axo for being a piece of shit.

Please consider making a donation to on a users behalf, rather than giving reddit more money for Gold/Platinum

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Hopefully this isn't political enough to get removed

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Capital Police waving people in past the gates ?

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