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YSK human crushes, often inaccurately referred to as stampedes, are caused by poor organization and crowd management, not by the selfish or animalistic behavior of victims.

Why YSK: in the aftermath of fatal human crush incidents, organizers will often attempt to avoid responsibility by suggesting that the incident was caused by the victims behaving badly. In some cases, such as the Hillsborough disaster, these misconceptions can persist for years after despite evidence to the contrary.

In truth, almost all human crush incidents are preventable through proper planning and crowd management techniques. Event organizers have a responsibility to protect the safety of participants, and should be held to account when these incidents occur.

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This man really knows how to deal with kids playing on the driveway

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Is there anything I can do if Mormons ignore my "no soliciting" sign?

I just had a pair of Mormons come by again. At this point I have two signs, one at the end of my driveway, one above the doorbell. I got larger ones that specifically say "No political or religious appeals" underneath "No soliciting" and I put a light over the one on the door.

I even have a ring camera and can clearly show that in some cases it's the same ones that I have spoken to and drawn their attention to the "no soliciting" sign. I remained calm and civil, but asked them "Please, don't come here for religious purposes anymore."

I feel there isn't much I can practically do, because of course if you threaten legal action on them, YOU'RE the jerk, even though I am just sitting at home watching a movie and they ignore my sign and pester me. It's uncomfortable.

Is there any particular deterrent that they care about? Is it against the law in any way for them to keep doing this? I live 1 block from a stake center (Mormon church) so this happens constantly, and it's not funny anymore. It's just annoying. I'm working from home and we have a baby who still needs to nap. I have a hard time focusing as it is, and just now they interrupted our family movie time.

I don't want to be a dick to them, I don't want to sue them or something, I just want them to leave me alone.

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Two Guys, A Girl, And That Wall.

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URGENT! The House has passed an Infrastructure Bill with a DEADLY crypto tax clause

The House has voted with 218 ayes on Friday, amending the definition of "cash" to include "all digital assets" for section 6050I of the US tax code.

This is a reporting requirement for any transactions over $10,000.00 to require a recipient to verify the sender's personal information and Social Security number, etc., and report this to the government within 15 days.

This is a *felony* violation with jail time involved, should it not be done.

This Bill is being sent to the President for a final signature, and the changes will be enforced by EOY 2023.

From the nature of how DeFi and cryptocurrency works, does this mean that cryptocurrency mining will be subject to the same Regulations? Or DeFi, where the protocol doesn't have a Social Security Number but manages to reward stakers a large amount of $ anyway?

We are officially at war with the political establishment. Make your voices heard and write to your local Congressman and Senator.

EDIT - the point isn't that we have to pay taxes. The point is that the requirements might not be possible to comply with because of how crypto works.

Another edit - we will prevail and come back even stronger. One of the best features about Bitcoin is antifragility (to thrive under an onslaught of attacks rather than weakened).

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The South — according to self-identified Southerners

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Any horror movies where the good guys aren't dumb as a box of rocks?

I'm sick and tired of yelling at the screen and telling the main characters what to do only to watch them do the exact opposite thing. Like;

Don't investigate the creepy sound coming from the dark basement by yourself!

Don't rent the house where 342 orphans have mysteriously died before!

Get rid of that horrifying looking doll already what the hell is wrong with you who would want to bring that to their home in the first place!?!?

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