Master Imahara (Grant)

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I lost my job due to Covid-19 and I started an OnlyFans in desperation, I now make more than what I made from my career. AMA

At the end of January I lost my job because of Covid-19, they laid everyone off, or "furloughed" as they called it, but they never re-opened. I now make a full time income and work from home!


Edit: alright, it's 5 am here, I'm going to get some sleep. thank you all for the awesome questions and support!! I will answer more when I wake up :)

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[Image] Grant Imahara, from MythBusters, dead at 49. Thanks for motivating and inspiring a new generation in sTEM.

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Dealing with the consequences of your actions

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Bunnies flop over when they feel completely safe beside their protectors

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RIP Mythbuster’s Grant Imahara. You truly completed my childhood, and I’m thankful for that. He died at 49.

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The Trikster

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Anon hacks life yet again

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LPT: Parents, never contact your kid's bosses. Never.

I'm serious here. One of my employees, a guy near his 30s, has a mother who constantly butts into his work life, trying to pressure me into giving him a raise or more hours. She has convinced herself that she's helping but good god she's not.

Were it not for the fact I've seen and heard him arguing with his mother to get the fuck out of his work life and every time she does so he apologizes and begs me to ignore her, I'd have let him go long ago, and I see the mental and emotional stress this puts him under. One time his mother went behind his back to contact me... If it was anyone else I'd have assumed they asked her to do it and I would've gotten started on the paperwork to let them go right then and there.

For the love of God, get the fuck out of your children's work life. The job market today is NOTHING like the job market when you were their age, your advice is obsolete and worthless, you are actively harming your child's employment opportunities every time you speak to their boss thinking you're doing it on their behalf and every time I see someone's mother (its always the mother, never the father) try to harass me into hiring their kid, I throw their application into the trash.

Stay out of your children's work life. You are barging into your child's adult life to drag them back into being children in front of their peers, shattering all respect they've built up among their peers and setting them up for humiliation and a swift firing.

To answer the most common questions.

1: I wont fire him because he's a good employee just with an over-possessive mother. There is a lot more nuance to this whole situation than can't be laid out in a Reddit post.

2: I have told her to stop calling and visiting, I have told her it only negatively effects her child. She is a narcissistic karen to the bone though and it goes in one ear and out the other.

3: I was wrong, it is sometimes the fatherswho pull this shit, but in all my personal experience and I'd say, most other instances of this happening, it is the mother who pulls this crap.

Holy shitballs this made it on to r/all

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