The smallest handrail you've ever seen

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It is absolutely unreal how mediocre Pokemon Sword/Shield are

I'm sure many of you have heard all the complaints already, but I needed a space to vent.

I was an OG fan of Pokemon dating all the way back to Red/Blue. I've played every mainline game though each generation leading up to Sword/Shield. I love this series; it literally defined my childhood. That makes it all the more disappointing for me when I say Sword/Shield are hands down the worst Pokemon games I've ever played. Here are my main gripes...

- The main campaign was yet another hand-holdy and forgettable story that we've already seen multiple times

- Many Pokemon were cut, then sold later as DLC (or cut altogether)

- Bare-bones routes that are extremely linear with no sense of exploration at all outside of the Wild Area

- Mandatory EXP share which lead to easy over leveling and 0 challenge

- Non-existent postgame content

- Dynamax is an awful gimmick that will just be scrapped and replaced with the next gen gimmick like Megas and Z-Moves were

- Uninspiring graphics that look more like an up-scaled 3DS game than a console game

Not everything was terrible though. Some of the new Pokemon designs are fantastic, the soundtrack is great, there are some great QoL improvements, and the Wild Area feels like a step in the right direction. It's a shame the rest of the game feels so soulless. It felt as if Game Freak just decided to check a bunch of boxes and call it a day instead of putting genuine effort and passion into it.

Incredibly disappointed to see how far one of my favorite franchises has fallen...

EDIT: Friendly reminder that these are my opinions. I'm well aware that there are people who enjoyed these games. Don't let another person's opinion ruin your enjoyment.

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[OC] My Among Us animation. It was posted here some time ago, without crediting me, so here it goes again, directly from the creator. Peace!

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That nod says it all hahaha

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What a legend

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Time to vent

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The design of this stairway

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WCGW putting aluminium in the microwave

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Are we on live?

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Say it louder for the people in the back!

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