LPT: Only buy as much living space as you can see yourself cleaning.

Unless you have a butler or are completely unmotivated.

EDIT: RIP inbox.

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DWG KIA vs. DetonatioN FocusMe / MSI 2021 - Group C / Post-Match Discussion

MSI 2021

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DWG KIA 1-0 DetonatioN FocusMe

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Winner: DWG KIA in 39m
Match History

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
DKrenekton lee sin rumblesett nocturne70.6k157H2 C7 C8
DFMsenna thresh varuslucian gnar69.5k1310O1 I3 H4 C5 B6 B9 C10 B11
Khan gangplank 35-6-8TOP5-3-54 urgot Evi
Canyon morgana 11-2-12JNG3-2-51 udyr Steal
ShowMaker viktor 31-1-10MID3-2-22 zoe Aria
Ghost xayah 28-1-2BOT2-2-41 tristana Yutapon
BeryL alistar 20-3-13SUP0-6-53 rell Kazu

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

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Heads Up! Best Crossover Star Wars Meme!

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Siberia isn't just snow...

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Learning is hard

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Ice cream shop server tells me that I can't buy a gallon of ice cream.

This happened a while ago. The free donut story reminded me of this.

I was going to a family event and stopped at a local farm fresh ice cream shop on my way there.

My bf gets out to get a gallon of ice cream. He comes back all exasperated telling me that the girl at the counter won't sell him a gallon of ice cream.

I get out of the car and go up to the window and asked for a gallon of ice cream.

Ice cream shop server: We can't sell you a gallon of that flavor.

Me: Are you out of that flavor?

Ice cream shop server: No. We just don't sell it in a gallon.

Me: It doesn't matter what size the container is in, I just want to purchase a gallon of it.

Ice cream shop server: We can't sell you a gallon.

Me: OK, I will have 2 half gallons.

Ice cream shop server: We can't sell you a half gallon.

Me: (getting frustrated) What size container do you sell this flavor in?

Ice cream shop server: We have it in a quart, pint, cup or cone.

Me: Great! I would like 4 quarts please.

Ice cream shop server: (Hand packs 4 quarts, puts them on the counter with snark and ignorance) You can't just buy a gallon of any flavor and we only have half gallons of vanilla and chocolate.

Me: (Blank stare) 4 quarts IS a gallon.

Ice cream shop server: (confused look) Really?

Me: Yeah. 2 pints are a quart, 4 quarts are a gallon.

Ice cream shop server takes my money then goes to talk to another server. I don't even want to know that conversation.

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I start streaming platform, he cannot afford. Great success!

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Fuck you, Jeff

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All U.S. Counties with Culver's [OC]

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SLPT Health and Safety 101

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