Caitlyn Jenner says "it just isn't fair" for biological boys to compete in girls' sports and that "we have to protect girls sports". This sends r/JoeRogan into a frenzy with lots and lots of drama!

Thread with vid of Caitlyn Jenner saying it

Drama highlights:

-This is an issue that, in theory, bothers people a lot. They imagine a jacked dude pulverizing women. In reality that's just not happening, but it gets the people going. Great distraction from shit that's actually happening.

-It was fucking hilarious after the Left propped her up so much that she said "eh, I'm voting Republican". You could literally feel the visceral gasp by Dems pushing her.

-Now that gays have won their rights the culture war turns to the trans community.

-Finally, someone with the balls to say it

-Considering she was an olympic athlete, she probably has some actual insight on this.

-Love how TMZ guy tried to throw in a gotcha question at the end there and got shut down.

-anyone with half a brain knows its unfair to match a woman against a trans woman with male genetic strength advantages no matter how big or small they are Not hating on trans athletes though , but to be fair for physical sports especially fighting there should probally just be a trans mens and trans womens division , that way they get to fight and a shot at being a champion of their own division.

-This is the common sense answer

-Before or after she killed someone then drove away?

-we have countless examples of MtF athletes that dominate women and break female records, yet virtually zero cases of that happening with a FtM athlete. If it were merely a matter of current hormone levels, that discrepancy wouldn’t exist.

-there would be very few female gold medalists if we disregarded gender.

-That’s because it isn’t. In ANY sport. I’m all for trans rights but that’s not a right to compete in a sport where you have an unfair advantage and could possibly even hurt someone in some of the more physical sports.

-She/he/xur is a ridiculous person, but happens to be right on this one.

-Well she was an athlete, and she’s trans so is there a better authority? I’m a cis-gendered woman and I played in a. Ice hockey league with a few trans women. It SUCKED. I eventually got off the ice when they were on because I didn’t want to get bowled over and hurt. Screw what.

-Honestly amazed how much this comes up. It’s a complete non issue compared to anything else.

-Trans people make up like 0.6 percent of all people and probably even fewer are athletes. Yet it's a bigger issue for some of you people than the industrial prison complex, healthcare, war, jobs, and the many other things that effect us everyday. When west Virginia passed their anti trans athlete bill recently the governor of that state couldn't cite 1 example of a trans woman competing in women sports in that state. You know what West Virginia ranks 50th in? Education.

-I’m of the opinion that the only fair way to treat trans athletes is to have them all compete in male sports.

-This is one of those subjects that isn't really important and has almost no tangible effect on society if you read any data on it, but it's total red meat for one side, and the other side gets caught up in trying to defend a dumb proposition because it doesn't perfectly align with their ideals.

-Yeah why listen to a trans person or science, best to hunker down in our outdated bigotry eh?

- (a pic of caitlyn jenner before her transition in response to someone asking to see her topless)

-I've never in my life heard a conservative give a fuck about womens' sports except for when they can use it to hate on trans people.. The only time womens' sports are ever mentioned is when a guy is talking about looking at volleyball players asses lol but all of sudden, trans people competing and now womens' sports are the most sacred and sanctified thing in the world

-This is not an issue plaguing the country. Stupidity is. Poverty is. Systemic Racism is. Trans oppression is. This trans women in sports “issue” is only an issue plaguing the minds of insecure fat losers who can’t even find a cis girlfriend let alone a trans woman. Can we focus on actual fucking issues please?

-Hahah don’t go to r/politics. Rational thoughts are not allowed there. They’re just bashing Jenner for other reasons. It’s so pathetic. My daughter will never compete against transgender girls as it’s not fair. That transgender girl can steal a title nine scholarship from my daughter and that’s absolutely not right. This isn’t “equal rights” it’s an attempt of extortion.

-We need to start blood testing kids before they participate in sports. Too much testosterone and you're banned. It's the only way to ensure fairness.

-I agree, you can have every single right in the world but a sport has to have its limits on what is fair

-Don’t trans people take hormones or something that essentially debunks this claim? I might be wrong

-There gonna end up adding a 3rd option for athletes. Only solution that i see that makes everyone equally pissed. Join as other

-Joe and Caitlyn have a lot in common it seems. Both hate trans and both love cocks

-The left eating their own...gotta love it.

-Why not let trans athletes compete against each other instead of pigeonholing them into traditional gender roles?

-I got banned from r/politics because I said this, it was considered hate speech hahahaha

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