TIFU by using the nuclear option in a game of monopoly.

It was a four player family game of Monopoly. My brother, our parents and I were playing, and I wasn't doing well. I wasn't bankrupt or heavily mortgaged yet, but I could tell that if something drastic didn't change in the next 3 turns or so, I was toast. I didn't have any monopolies, but I did have a couple 2 out of 3 properties (New York and St. James being the standouts) and a couple scattered here or there. My brother was the clear favorite at this point, with my Dad in clear second. My Mom was losing right along with me.

It was my turn, and I was trying to arrange a favorable trade.

I'm negotiating with my Dad. I have a property that'll give him another monopoly, he has a card that'll give me a monopoly. We both have enough money and side properties to even things up afterward. With a good trade here, we'd both have a higher chance of winning, significantly cutting into on my brother's lead. Seems like it should be a slam dunk, right?

But no, my Dad is pushing for the most ridiculous trades possible, and outright refusing to trade away those properties that are most valuable to me. If I don't get a monopoly out of this, I might as well not even bother with a trade.

I'm getting frustrated as the negotiating stalls. But I get an idea. A terrible, terrible idea.

I say to my Dad: "Dad, I'm clearly in the weaker position, here. But right now, that just means I have less to lose. So here's the deal. If I don't get a trade from you that gives me a monopoly, I'm going to sell all of my properties to [brother's name] for $1."

Dad didn't like that at all, and there was no trade. He also probably didn't expect me to carry through, but immediately after, I sold all my deeds to my brother for a dollar, and my Dad lost any chance whatsoever of winning the game.

Dad isn't speaking to me right now.

Was that a supremely dickish move to play? Yup. I'm feeling a little vindicated, though, for not letting myself be pushed around when I was the little guy.

But will anyone ever want to play Monopoly with me again? I kinda doubt it.

TL;DR was losing at family Monopoly, went MAD and made Dad mad, family board games won't ever be the same.

Edit: Nothing's deleted. That is, I never tried to delete anything, but I'm getting messages that it's deleted. What's going on?

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