A leaf fell in front of my phone the second it took a timed photo

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Joke that went over my head as a kid

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Concentration of African-Americans by County (2018)

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TIFU by telling my gf of 3 months that I love her *Final was Update*

I’m stupid and messed up the title: FINAL UPDATE



Okay everyone, it’s been a wild last few days. This has been the most trying time in my life and I’m ready to settle back down to a boring life until I die.

I’d like to start by saying thanks to everyone that gave me advice and awards and shared similar stories of something that happened to them, it’s given me lots of strength and made me realize I’m not alone in this shit.

To the other people that DM’d me trying to get my information, sent threats, and acted like a psycho — you guys need help.

Anyway, before I conclude with the final (hopefully, I pray) update to my situation, I just want to address a few of the most common questions from last thread:

Q. How did I check the cameras if my phone was in the kitchen and why didn’t I use my computer to call for help?!

A. I have a computer in my bedroom that is hooked up to my cameras. As for why I didn’t go on zuckerberg’s spy network to send out a distress call — well the first thing on my mind was getting the hell out of there. When my girlfriend was throwing herself at the door, screaming like a banshee the last thing I thought of was using the computer. I only got on to see if she was gone after I heard the front door slam shut.

2. Q. Why did she get so mad when you said you were going to call her mom?

A. She was living with both of us. I generally work 12 hour shifts 3-5 days per week, she will stay with me on my days off but usually spends her days with her mom. I figured I could speak with her mom about why the hell my girlfriend was having a psychotic breakdown.

3 Q. Wow you were scared of a 110lb (50kg) girl? You are a pussy!!

A. Well as an adult male that is about double her weight, I don’t think beating the shit out of my girlfriend is the best move, even if it is self defense. Yeah the cameras would likely clear me of wrongdoing, but why risk that?? If your first instinct is to beat the shit out of someone that’s sad.

4. Q. How old are you guys

A. Definitely old enough to know better than what has been going on. 25+ for both of us.


Q. Why don’t you post the video? Just blur the faces! You’re a big fat liar if you don’t!

A. I’ll get into that more later. But after getting a shit ton of creepy ass reddit DM’s asking for my name, age, location, and basically every other identifying characteristic, why the shit would I even remotely consider letting strangers find me. Some of you are very deranged.

Now, I’ll try to answer any more questions on the thread that get upvoted, so feel free to ask away and upvote questions you may have.

Alright, fasten the seatbelts, hold onto your hats, grab your popcorn for the inevitable freaks of nature in the comments frothing at the mouth to burn the witch (me).

I’ll start where I left off. My girlfriend leaves the house, slams the door, I make sure she’s gone.

I peek my head out, heart still racing, wondering what the fuck just happened. Well I call her mom and say “uhh your daughter just had a psychotic breakdown in my home and I explained what happened.”

She legit calmly says, “yeah that’s happened before a few times.” I’m just thinking, “wtf? Wouldn’t it be important that I knew my girlfriend could contemplate murdering me in the middle of the night?” I refrained from asking this right then. I just told her mom, “well she can’t stay here, I’m gonna pack up her stuff and I can either drop it off or you can pick it up.” She tells me she will stop by tomorrow to pick it up. Fine.

My plan of action at this point is to batten down the hatches. I call a locksmith to get my locks changed that day (girlfriend had a key to the place) and I get some bars from a hardware store down the road so the windows couldn’t be opened (I’m renting a 2 story home). I bar the windows, change the locks, and have a couple of friends take my car to their place so it doesn’t get vandalized.

I’m all settled in, bunker mode. I pull out my snacks and pop on some television with some friends over to try and escape reality. All in all, a pretty uneventful night. I thought about calling the police but I’m just relieved that she’s gone and I can finally forget about that shit.

Well this morning rolls around. I get a call from her mom early. Apparently she wants to explain her daughters odd behavior and gives me her history.

Apparently my girlfriend had been abused my her dad when she was younger 8-12. Her dad is now in prison for violent crimes and has no relationship with either her nor her mom. Her mom remarries a seemingly nice guy, who was then again abusive to my girlfriend before she moved out at 18. She gave me some details of both abuse, which I do not feel comfortable sharing here, I’ll just say it is some of the worst kind of abuse you can endure. The legal system took care of both offenders.

My girlfriend never shared this with me, not that it was really any of my business. I think it’s terrible what happened and hope she can get the help she needs — I am not trained to deal with that.

Moving on, after my girlfriend left last night, she ended up with an old acquaintance who just happened to be her old meth dealer.

Now I had no fucking clue she had a history of meth use. If you saw my now ex gf she looks nothing like a meth user. She keeps herself very clean and presentable. Apparently her mom knew about this and she had just finished rehab prior to us dating. At this point I’m like “gee thanks for pawning off this burden to me as if I could heal whatever is broken in her.”

So she shows up to her moms house last night drugged up. Her mom takes her to a psychiatric rehab facility to, I hope, recover from her mental condition and drug addiction.

I wish her nothing but the best but I cannot handle that in my life. I would describe myself as a pretty boring guy. I try to stay away from any drama, but apparently I didn’t do a good enough job.

After hearing about the meth use and reading online about the weird shit that people on meth do, I decided to check my cameras for weird activity the week or two preceding these events. What I found was deeply disturbing.

First, about 7 days before this breakdown I left for work (I generally work 12’s 7am-7pm). At around noon my girlfriend enters my home, and creeps around the place like a burglar in the night. Opening drawers and the fridge, looking under the couch, under the dining room table, basically turning the place upside down. Tidies everything back up and leaves.

The next day she comes in again. This time she isn’t alone. She comes in with some homeless looking dude that looks dirty as fuck and she searches the place. Not as thoroughly as before, but thoroughly enough. What pissed me off is this dude comes in and starts going through my pantry and eating my snacks. At this point I’m pretty grossed out that some dude on meth is putting is grimy hands in my chips and popping a hard boiled egg in his mouth. Like bro that’s my breakfast. He didn’t eat them all, just one.

This is when her fascination with the dish rag became apparent. They move to my couch and stare at the TV for 2 hours. Saying nothing, and thankfully not having sex. She wet the dish rag in the sink and stuffed the wet half in her mouth. Both of them just sat there and then after a couple hours they get up and leave.

Third day, nothing.

Fourth day: my last day on shift, girlfriend comes in with guy again, he notices the cameras pointing in the living room. He points his finger at it, and holds it there for 5 or so minutes while he and my GF sit on the couch. She’s going full on zombie mode staring straight ahead and he finally pokes her to get her attention. She knew about the cameras but this is the first time she has a keen interest in them. They both get up and stand right in the cameras view. I get a good look at this guy. He looks like your stereotypical homeless man that does meth. They both look like zombies, similar to how my girlfriend looked when I woke up with her standing over me, although this was much worse. They stared at the camera for an hour before he decided he was hungry for some of my pretzels. And then they left.

This was a very disturbing thing to see today so if anyone has any idea what the hell happened please let me know. I have zero idea of what meth addiction entails along with mental health disorders.

My lease ends in October and I’m getting the hell out of here and never coming back. For now, I’ll be peeking over my shoulder and locking my doors at all times. I’m praying this Is the last update, I have no clue how long my ex will be hospitalized for.

So you’re probably dying to see the video. Well I won’t be posting it. She has serious mental and drug abuse issues. I’m not going to make her a laughing stock of reddit. The story will have to suffice.

I figure I’ll put some phone numbers here for people struggling with mental health and or drug addiction (for US Folks). People in other countries feel free to drop your numbers down in the comments.

SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

Tl;dr gf was abused as a kid, addicted to meth, now in psychiatric hospital. I’m hoping she gets better but the relationship is done.

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