Cursed Slightly

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ELIMINATION GAME ROUND ELEVEN: azula has been eliminated, vote out your least favourite character using the poll in the comments!

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Terrifying Gauntlet

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I just got out of a job interview that blew my mind….

UPDATE: Rang to tell the guy. He has 4 kids. He told me that he worked 70 hour weeks, and one week only got paid for 40….12 hour days. Fuck me lads. He’s been WEEKS in the job.

The job advertised was for a deli manager in North Dublin. I don’t drive, so made sure the shop would be accessible by public transport before accepting the interview (it would be a 30 minute train). The area manager asked me to meet at a different location (South Dublin) for the interview. My husband took the morning off work to drive me, as it’s not easy to get to by bus. The very first thing out of their mouth was “so the job is actually at this store, we lied on the job listing. We’re firing the manager here but didn’t want him to find out, so advertised that the job was for somewhere else”..

So I sat in the shop, doing an interview for the manager that was at the deli! The area manager told me not to speak to him, they haven’t fired him yet..

The job starts early, there are no trains or busses that would get me there on time, so i knew instantly I couldn’t accept the job. The area manager also told me that they didn’t have the budget to pay the salary advertised (€15/h)..

I have 6 years of deli experience, another 2 as a manager and I cannot find a decent job..which is being made much harder with shite like this.

I’d be tempted to find that poor manager on LinkedIn and give him a heads up.

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[Fischer] CFP chair Gary Barta: “At the end of the day, we thought Michigan was a better team and deserved to be ranked ahead of Michigan State.”

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To celebrate over 10,000 miners using Nano for payments with 2miners, I'm giving away 100+ Nano (~$580) AND sending some Nano to EVERY commenter.

Nano is a feeless cryptocurrency that 2miners recently started using to offer their miners free daily payouts.

To celebrate reaching 10,000 miners using Nano payouts we're doing a giveaway, sending everyone a few Rai (small amount of Nano) so you can try it out for yourself. In addition, we are picking 10 winners for a bigger prize.

You MUST post your 'nano_' address below, or we can't send any.

Get yourself a wallet if you don't have one:

Natrium (iOS | Android) or (desktop) are recommended; it takes roughly one minute to set up. It's all free.

After 24 hours I'll send 1/10th of the jackpot to 10 people who have commented their address, picked randomly from this thread. There's currently 100 Nano in there, for a ~$580 pot. For every 100 upvotes this post gets, I'll add in 1 more Nano.

What is Nano?

Nano is a cryptocurrency that offers secure, feeless, instant, and eco-friendly transactions on a secure and decentralized network. Here is an article on the basics of Nano and on the investment potential of Nano. Because it's a global, feeless currency, I can send everyone some, and it will be in your wallet instantly (<1 second).

If you want to read up on how to also get free daily payouts, check out the 2miners post about it. It takes just a few minutes to set up.

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Little brother went to get his vaccine, ran into himself from the future

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Match Thread: 1st Semi-Final - England vs New Zealand

1st Semi-Final, ICC Men's T20 World Cup at Abu Dhabi

Cricinfo | Reddit-Stream | ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

England104/2 (Ov 14.3/20)

Score/Win Prediction: 159 runs - 46.02%

Dawid Malan*3527129.63
Moeen Ali2019105.26
Trent Boult2.3260
Adam Milne3151
Recent : 1 1 . 1 | 1w 1 1 1 . 1 4 | 1 1 . 2 1 1 | 2 1 1

New Zealand chose to field.

Live match threads: Argentina vs Belize | Bahamas vs Bermuda |

Send feedback | Schedule | Stat Help

Please don't post illegal streaming links in match threads

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don't drink while pregnant

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Maybe Maybe Maybe

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