LPT If your boss fires you, do not fire back with, "I quit!"

If you quit your job, you often cannot collect unemployment (which is meant to tide you over until you acquire new employment). Instead, apply for unemployment; worst case you'll be denied, but you may be approved. Check your local laws to know if you qualify based on the conditions of your termination. Also, if you're concerned/think that you may be entitled to a wrongful termination suit, keep your mouth shut instead of firing back with indignation, no matter how angry you are.

Too upset to not keep your mouth shut? Remember there are other avenues to, "get back," at crappy employers. Report OSHA/workplace safety violations, improper waste disposal, and other issues that can have legal ramifications for them, making sure to do so through the proper channels. Hold the company responsible for their actions without giving them leave to take legal action against you or prevent dispersal any wages/unemployment you may be due. Not only is it satisfying, but you'll hopefully be making life better long-term for future employees of that company.

Edit: No one is saying to wait to be fired if you're in a toxic work environment; this is solely regarding scenarios where you're being fired and had not been planning to quit, had not put in your notice, etc. If you need to leave you job for your mental or physical health, do it. Advocate for yourself.

Don't lie if reporting a company to authorities about workplace safety violations and other such issues. Only file reports if they're true.

Not all places of employment write up termination paperwork prior to firing employees; ask for the conditions of your termination in writing (and know if you have a right to have this provided based on where you are).

To those in the comments whining about this being popular in TV/movies: yes, yes it is. It's meant to be a display of empowerment to the person quitting, which can and has influenced people to make this poor decision. I have personally known a couple of people who have done this and it bit them in the ass.

Check your local laws to know if you can file for unemployment benefits if you quit; there are some circumstances where you can, but this varies by area. Also know your local recording laws if you feel you'll need evidence on your side when you leave your post either from being terminated or quitting.

Unemployment benefits are not solely for those who have been laid off; terms of unemployment benefits vary by location, so do your homework.

TL;DR: don't be influenced to make poor choices when it comes to leaving your place of work; do your homework, know your local laws, etc.

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"I request elaboration"

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Amazing woman helps deliver a baby in the street!!

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I can't stop laughing at this

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After a wildfire destroyed my family's home in Lytton, these firefighters saved the animals that were left behind by bringing them food and water.

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Baby peacock loves to ride with Mama

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wood house bad.

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Baby must feed

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AITA for telling my friend her parents bought her house, not her?

The title sounds bad but hear me out.

Backstory: I (F28) have a friend (F28) who purchased a house late last year. It's an awesome 2 story town house and I've been over there plenty of times to help out with moving/decorating and for hanging out. As mentioned in the title, her parents purchased the house for her and her partner. I truly have no issue with this as the housing market is terrible for buyers so more power to them for being home owners. I recently, unfortunately inherited my parents house, which is 3 bedroom, out in the sticks.

The issue: We went appliance shopping because most of the the stuff in the house was 10-15 years old. We were standing with an employee who I had asked to recommend some smaller items like toasters and kettles when the employee asked if I was moving out as general chit chat. I told him I was moving, and he asked whether I bought or rented. I told him bought, because it was just easier and less awkward than telling him I inherited the house. He told me that was cool and began talking about the toasters again when my friend cut in that I had inherited my house, not purchased it. The employee went quiet and I gave her a "what was that" face. I was taken aback, she continued on saying "Yeah, I purchased my house". I asked "does it really matter? I'm here to buy some kitchen appliances not tell this guy my personal issues." She grinned and said "it's just for the record" which made me more confused and annoyed. (You can probably see where this is going) I replied "Oh okay then if it's just for the record your parents purchased your house for you." The employee quickly retreated and she walked outside of the shop. I caught up with her and she said I was a massive asshole for pointing out she couldn't afford to own without her parents help. I returned with a very similar "my parents also helped me with getting a house too, just in a really terrible way." My partner agrees with me, saying that she's the one that opened that door, but our other friends are split almost 50/50.

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Before and after surgery for Blount's Disease

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