Should I (14m) tell my sister (20f) that her boyfriend (21m) has been bullying me?

My sister has been home since covid started and her university shut down. Our mom works as a nurse so she hasnt been home since the pandemic. Our dad lives in a different state since the divorce. My sister brought her boyfriend Kyle (not his real name) though, which my mom was cool with.

For a bit of information about me, I'm a very short guy (5'2) and skinny guy and I am what most of you would consider a nerd. I'm very close with my sister though, cause when we were growing up it was pretty much just the two of us cause mom always worked and dad wasnt in the picture.

Kyle was nice to me at first but after a few weeks of living with him he's started being meaner and meaner to me. Here's a short list of some of the things he does to me on a regular basis...

He takes my snacks and meals from the fridge without asking. I have food allergies so I sometimes go hungry because of this. These are food that I get delivered to me on a weekly basis so when Im out, I have to wait for another week to get more.

He deleted my save files on my Switch and ps4

He calls me pussy when we're alone

When I'm watching anime in the living room, he makes fun of me, takes the remote and watches whatever

He would hit me on the side of the head when he walks by me

Yesterday, when he took my laptop and I wanted to get it back, he punched me in the gut. The bruise is still there. He told me that if I told my sister, he would do something worse.

He's nice to me when she's around though, but she's always in the home office. She still has online classes and works from home so she's swamped almost every day. The few hours she spends with me a day are the only times when I really feel safe.

The thing is, my sister is super happy right now. She gushes about how much of a nice guy he is and how well he treats her. She says she's happy that we get along (lies) and is hoping that he would be a good influence on me. I dont want to tell her cause I feel like growing up, I robbed her of her youth cause she had to spend some weekends with me when mom had to work.

My bruise is still there so theres evidence that he really is abusive. I'm having second thoughts about telling her though cause I know she'll be very sad about it or, worse, she might take his side.

What do you guys think I should do? I want him gone but I dont want to cause my sister any pain. I dont know how much more of this I can take though. Covid has been hell.

Small update: I'm hiding in my room right now. I have a few snacks here and some water so I wont go hungry anytime soon. Kyle is outside playing with my playstation so Im keeping my door locked. I will tell my sister. Everyone says he'll hurt her and I dont want that to happen.

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My grandma in 1930s China. She grew up in an era where girls were still getting their feet bound and went on to become a college physics professor.

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Found in the FAMILY restroom in a Target in Ohio. Left by a sheriff deputy.

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ULPT: Work somewhere that has tip jars? Get a second tip jar and put sticky notes on them - one that says Biden, and one for Trump. If you're in a Trumpy area people are going to fill up the Trump jar, so move the tips to the Biden jar. Trumpers will go out of their way to fill their jar back up.

Rinse and repeat and profit.

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