The Blues Brothers is now one of my favorite comedies

My first exposure to the Blues Brothers actually came from the Nickelodeon sitcom, Drake & Josh. In one of the episodes, Drake & Josh performed the song “Soul Man” and dressed up in the iconic suits, hats, and sunglasses. So even as a kid, the Blues Brothers were on my radar but I didn’t see the actual movies until recently and boy do I regret waiting so long.

I just love how big The Blues Brothers is. I read that this was the most expensive comedy made at the time and it shows. From the constant car crashes and chases to the amount of police, SWAT, and military people chasing Jake and Elwood through the streets of Chicago, the scale this movie has is off the charts.

I also love the movie’s music. The Ray Charles segment and the Rawhide performance are my favorites but every sequence is amazing for their own reasons.

There’s a lot more I can say about this movie, but I’ll just leave it there. What do you think of the Blues Brothers?

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My wife was so excited to finish her chemo that she broke the bell.

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There is no objective reason for why wearing a hat indoors is rude.

I have never once been able to find anyone who could give me a reason for how this is rude in any way.

Now if you're in someone's personal home, what they say pretty much goes. That's a completely different issue. But out in public, such as in a public business or a school building, there is no objective reason for how it's rude or disrespectful.

I would argue it's actually more rude to condemn a person because they wouldn't do what you wanted them to.

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Dog becomes friends with a otter

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Banned someone from a Discord server for being an asshole. This is the dm I got afterwards from them. They blocked me afterwards. They are literally an adult man child.

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Long exposure of this incense stick

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Both pieces I’ve made to celebrate May 4th

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The New York Knicks now have a better record than the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers

After beating the clippers today, the Knicks now have a better record than the Lakers.

Hats off to the Knicks, and what Thibs has done with this roster. They’ve been the best story all year.

If someone told you two years ago that the Knicks would have a better record than the Lakers you’d never believe them in a million years lol.

How far do you have the Knicks going in the playoffs?

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New definition of “communism” just dropped

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