The Soundtrack from these Games are absolute bangers . Also Question of the day "Which soundtrack from your favourite game has made its way to your spotify playlist?"

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Nice save right there

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Who remeber this ?

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Buds ❤️

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21 m, wound up in jail right after high school thus losing my college scholarship, had a kid at 19, fiancé left me & now I stay at my mom’s & drink every day. Give it your all, one more kick while I’m down can’t hurt too bad!

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Why the FUCK are we still catering to billionaires and the "elite" class when we're on the cusp of a scorched earth and total societal collapse? The Titanic is sinking and we're serving cucumber sandwiches and playing Vivaldi to 1st class in front of the lifeboats we don't get to use, WHY is this OK

Seriously, what? Why? Why are we enabling the people who are fucking up the planet we all have to live on? Why do we serve them their meals and drive their cars and clean their laundry? I have a fantasy where every POS rich person who got what they got through human suffering and exploitation is just...ignored.

Seriousky, try it. Pick your least favorite corrupt politician or out-of-touch space-fucking billionaire and play a scene in your mind where they wake up and no one acknowledges them.

Imagine their pissy little hissy fits when they demand their breakfast or clothes for the day or whatever only to be met by total silence and an indifferent, formerly-loyal workforce. Imagine their pathetic little scrunched up face getting redder and redder when they realize that they've lost it, it's gone...they can't coerce or bribe or threaten people to do their bidding anymore. They have to fucking cooperate if they want to live.

I know there will ALWAYS be indoctrinated dipshits who froam at the mouth in a frenzy to serve the predator class, but WHY? Why, after all the mounting evidence that billionaires and the "elite" are essentially parasites who make the world objectively worse through the working conditions they create and the environmental abuses they perpetuate, why do we KEEP WORKING TO MAKE THEIR LIVES COMFORTABLE WHILE THEY LAY THE FOUNDATION FOR OUR DEATHS?

The ultra-rich are acting like the global climate catastrophe doesn't matter to them, because it doesn't; their money will insulate them no matter how bad things get. Well, I fucking wish we could change that. Oh no, Jess Bezo's hydroponic farm in his secret New Zealand apocalypse island needs someone to maintain it? Get fucked Jeff, no self-sustaining food source unless you put the work in and do it yourself or else learn how to cooperate with the rest of humanity.

Seriously, can we all just keep doing what we're doing and start working towards a healthier planet and society, while actively ignoring ultra-rich parasites in the process? We don't need a guillotine, all we need to do us stop serving these fucks until they realize what the "we're in this together" message their companies and governments propagate really means.

Whats the answer here? Why are we apparently more than okay to keep cleaning up after the shits who keep wrecking things for the rest of us?

Oh and if you're here to defend billionaires because "they help people by creating jobs" or whatever fucking excuse you use to stand up for the people who would exploit you to death in a heartbeat, we are WELL past this argument. The ocean's on fire, everything is dying, and the super-rich are still holding the match and gasoline; you piping in to say that maybe they have a good reason for doing what they're doing and we should let them play out their destruction is fucking stupid, delusional, and pathetic.

And by the way, a lot of people in the comments are quoting me to have said "eat the rich". I never said that. I said ignore and stop inflating the egos of the rich until they realize they need us more than we need them. Because honesty, I like stuff. I enjoy convenience. I'm fucking human. I just don't see why we're allowing the ruling class to eschew sustainability so they can add another excessive amount of money on top of their already hugely excessive amount of money. What I'm advocating is for us to find more sustainable, non-disastrous ways to support quality of life, but the people who control that are apparently unwilling to change. So what do we do?

TL;DR: Why are we still enabling and glorifying our abusers?

For fuck's sake, stop asking me what I'm going to do about if. If you're walking through your neighborhood and see a house on fire, does 911 berate you for not having a fire extinguisher on hand before you called?

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The Victim of Tyranny and Oppression Starter Pack

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Forgot to appy the parking brake

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Idaho Road rage ended with classic idaho hospitality

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Oh boy....

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