Hoping my newborn turns out like this lol

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Harrassing your partner for internet points

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... 🤦‍♂️

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$1200. To last 9 months. I think about that everyday.

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Dreamed of having a PSP as a kid, made it true at 25. Best $30 I ever spent.

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14y old builds Manhattan using freestyle Lego

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I feel like Riot is really out of touch with what players want and what the game needs.

The issues: (TL;DR at bottom)

  • Too fast paced and early game dependant.

Once behind, it is nearly impossible to come back because of the steroided snowballing. The amount of fun in a game is so dependent on the first few minutes and when you're behind, it feels pointless and frustrating, and when ahead, is so easy and boring.

I feel this also contributes a large amount to the toxicity issue which is rampant and turns away new and old players alike. There isn't the shining hope anymore of continuing to play and work together with your team to make that epic comeback. It's just people yelling at each other that they're wasting each other's time and how it's impossible because someone died early on, and because it's true so often, this mentality cements itself and spreads to everyone. So much more surrendering and complaining and less enjoying the game for what it is.

  • Champion design doesn't take into account playing AGAINST a champion

Pretty self explanatory. Not many people complain about how fun a champion is to play as. Nobody is complaining about how unfun it is to play as Zoe, Samira, or Yuumi. Plenty of people enjoy playing them. It's the 5 other people who have to play AGAINST it that have the issue. So many of the champion designs, especially those listed above, have inherent mechanics in their kit which just grates on the nerves of anyone playing against them. There are plenty of champions who are good and meta but people don't complain about them as much because it's not about a champion being good, it's about them feeling untouchable (literally) which you cannot outplay with skill. Old Akali shroud and current Yuumi w are great examples.

  • Champion meta is solely dependent on item or rune synergy

Self explanatory. Champions feel more like a sac of items than proper champions. It feels terrible for players who really enjoy certain champions for their abilities to be flamed and inevitably lose games because, regardless of their skill, they are useless and a person who is casually playing someone who synergises well with items and messing up skills can easily crush you.

  • Lack of Agency

This is essentially what all my points above gets at. Nobody wants to feel like the game is out of their control in nearly every aspect. From what champion you choose, who you play against, and how the game progresses, players lack a sense of agency. The time you put into a champion, hitting all your abilities, positioning perfectly, has so much less and less impact every season, and it's gotten unbearable to a lot of players now.

  • Weird champion changes

Again, self explanatory. They took one of the most fun and beloved midlane champions and forced her into the netherworld (Taliyah), and didn't do anything when one of the few solid new mid laners got thrust into jungle because she was unplayable mid. They randomly make Sylas less fun to play by removing e animation-cancelling and other champion's skill expression. The nerfs, I get, but changing how and where a champion plays, as well as their 'smoothness' to play as, is just.... weird, because it doesn't address any of their issues and just makes the game less fun.

What needed to be done:

  • Address power creep

  • It isn't fun to be one shot.

  • Helps alleviate toxicity/tilting in players

  • Makes game more skill based and expressive

  • Brings back forgotten champions and allows players to choose champions based not on meta but by how much fun they have on the champion

  • Less impactful new items

  • Disclaimer - new items are fun, and can be a great way to blow a fresh breath of air into the game and help newer players be on the same ground as old veterans by changing stuff up, but only when done correctly.

  • Choosing a champion becomes more about who you have fun on than just choosing someone less fun but it meta because you have no choice.

  • More come back opportunities (ie more fun games)

  • Makes champions easier to balance

  • Objectives

  • Objectives need to be taken a look at, and more opportunities for comebacks to be added. Once a team is even slightly behind, they lose all power over drags, rift, and baron, which is nearly impossible to overcome even if teams were going even. It shouldn't give such a massive lead to the snowballing winning team while not providing much of anything to the losing team.

TL;DR The game needs to refocus on players having fun. Outplays are fun, one shots are not. Playing champions you love is fun, being forced to play whoever happens to be meta is not fun. Working together as a team and coming back is fun, slowly losing and surrendering quickly is not fun. Champions should be fun to play as and against.

Disclaimer: This, surprisingly, is my opinion and not fact! You are welcome to disagree and I encourage discussion, it’s healthy and gives us new perspectives to look at things from. I also surprisingly don’t mean that I know every single league of legends players wants in the game, but am basing it off of what I’ve felt as I’ve played, as well as opinions of both high rank and low rank friends, both casual and serious, and other media platforms where I enjoy seeing what league players think. Thank you!

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I am the smartest man ALIVE!

So I was at my girlfriends house, and we were eating dinner. Her dad was telling me that I better treat her well and he said “whatever you do to her I will do double to you”. I look at him silently for a second then I pulled out my wallet and gave my girlfriend 50$. Needless to say, me and her dad are now best friends and a have 100$.

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Wearing shoes inside of your house is disgusting

Why would you do that? All of the shit on the street that get in touch with your shoes and then some people even lay in bed with shoes on. Atleast in my country everyone takes their shoes of when they go inside. Is this just some Usa thing since that’s where I seem to notice this on youtube videos and TV shows. It’s much more comfortable anyways to just wear socks or slippers inside. Even in schools we leave our shoes to where we leave our jackets.

EDIT: Thanks for the awards.

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