Watch as Israeli soldiers evict another family out of their house to make room for entitled chosen people.. can't hide anymore. The world sees you for what you are.

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Japanese police use a tactic called Bohan Yo Kara Boru, where they throw balls full of paint to help track people and cars that flea a crime scene.

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Truck catches fire, another one comes to mitigate

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Tiebreaker 1 / MSI 2021 - Group A / Post-Match Discussion

MSI 2021

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Unicorns of Love 0-1 Pentanet.GG

Pentanet.GG has qualified for the Rumble Stage! This is the first time that an Oceanic team has advanced past the group stage in any major tournament.

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Winner: Pentanet.GG in 28m

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
UOLudyr urgot amumuorianna ryze46.9k102H1 H4
PGGnidalee rumble morgansylas syndra54.1k2010M2 O3 I5 B6 I7
BOSS gnar 13-3-1TOP4-2-81 jayce BioPanther
AHaHaCiK khazix 30-5-3JNG5-1-93 karthus Pabu
Nomanz viktor 34-4-4MID1-3-124 lee sin Chazz
Lodik kaisa 22-5-3BOT9-2-52 xayah Praedyth
SaNTaS alistar 21-4-7SUP2-2-141 nautilus Decoy

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

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Well, I was not expecting this. Honestly speechless.

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Yep... that’s the choice.

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It is Earthquake's birthday today!

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How old were you when you discovered that a job is simply a means to bring money to the table instead of a dreamy experience you get to enjoy every day?

My parents didn't raise me the right way regarding jobs: For them, if it's something you don't like, toss it.

But real life is not like that, tons of people who have an okay job to pay the bills and do their passions after 5 pm.

How old were you when you learned this truth?

PS1: wow, this thread did really explode! 500 comments in 6 hours!

PS2: thanks for the gold kind strangers!

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Please stop

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