A teacher uses upward airflow to guide a paper airplane

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Say hello to Marjory, she may be from 1995 but she's still kicking

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It's a good song

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Another angle of the gas station explosion in Volgograd today

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Reacting to a Phil Collins song

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This is how the Australian police will deal with you if you treat public health and safety directives as a threat to your masculinity or nutjob conspiracy.

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TIFU by totally mishandling my cake day, making me afraid of reddit

This happened today.

I have one FU in my life which I find funny and wanted to share. I, being an absolute amateur at reddit with only one successful post in two years, tried to strategize and save it for my cake day.

Clever, isn't it?

So i posted it. It got autoremoved for a good reason.

I fixed it and posted it again, it got autoremoved for an even better reason I hadn't known about.

So I made a post about failing to post to TIFU. Guess what: It was removed for yet another reason I hadn't known about.

I fixed the failed post about failing to post, posted it, and it was downvoted immediately.

And suddenly I was overly afraid to break another rule I just learned about: that you are not allowed to republish banned content, which might result in me being permanently banned from r/tifu

So i quickly deleted it, like a teenager caught in an awkward situation. seeing only afterwards that I had two friendly comments already.

I am 47 years old, BTW.

I give up posting to reddit.

EDIT thank you kind Internet strangers for making this such an enjoyable cake day experience! and thank you a lot for my first ever award thingies!

TL;DR I am too stupid to post to reddit.

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[Highlight] Kuzma knocks down the 3 to give the Lakers the lead with .4 left

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Spending time with siblings is always fun and special

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Good strategy

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