Is the USA the most free and democratic country in the world? [OC]

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What could go wrong trying to rob a ice-cream shop with off duty cop in it

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Why is so much of the high fantasy genre slow paced and requires you to read 300-500 pages before something is happening with the plot?

As someone who enjoys fantasy storyline, I just cannot fathom why so much of the genre is hung up on long and tiresome characterizations and descriptions about the setting etc. Why do authors think I'm more interested in how a castle looks like or how many generations there are to some lord than the actual plot?

I find that many authors are obsessed with small details that can take up 100+ pages that have no actual bearing on the plot.


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Polish Dragon Boat Racing, also known as Tug of Oars

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Bright Mobile billboards in my city now

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I see no god up here

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Firstly, I want to say congratulations to each and every one of you who made it this far.

For some of us it’s our first attempt, for others it’s simply one out of many. No matter your background, you participated and beat the odds.

When you see this post it will be December, white means we’re in for the Christmas Season and can return to our normal habits. You’ve truly proved yourselves, and have been an amazing community in this difficult year.

“I’ve beaten the challenge! Where’s my role?”

In order to get your Diamond NoNutter 2020 flair, you must:

  • Have answered at least 7 roll-calls during November (all comments are counted unless they were submitted 24h after the roll-call was posted)

  • Answer the final December 1st roll-call (this one)

NoNutNovember is over. What now?

-Join r/DontDiddleDecember if you want to extend the challenge and practice even more self control!

-If you’re looking for the complete opposite of No Nut November and want a real challenge, try your luck in r/destroydick_december!


I’m proud of all you, I know it was really difficult for plenty of you. But you preserved, and helped to make this community more than it was any other year. Coronavirus has left us alone at home for awhile, making this year’s challenge more difficult than ever. I’m going to miss this community but I know that I can count on you all being here next December. Wether you won or lost, thank you for being a part of this. However, Don’t feel bad if you lost; you can always try again!

All in all, nice work and enjoy your freedom.


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Everything Wrong With This Meme In 10 Minutes Or Less

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