I never want to talk about work in a social situation. I am not defined by my job. I do it for money, not because I enjoy it. In the few waking hours I’m not at work, don’t talk to me about it!

Dig into your brain and think of something, anything, to talk about that doesn’t revolve around work culture! I get that a minuscule amount of people have their dream job or managed to turn their hobbies into profitable means of employment, but the vast majority of the working class are not in that same boat! Stop immediately asking people what they do for a living when you meet them.”oh but I’m just trying to find something to relate to them on” Nope you’re just a shit conversationalist or subconsciously trying to figure out how much respect you want to give a person after determining their space in society based off their career.

Edit: some of y’all need hobbies and a work/life balance. What would you do all day if you didn’t have to go to work? If you had all the time and money in the world, what would you pursue? I would much rather have someone ask me “what are your interests?” Than “what do you do for a living?” And that way if people’s interests truly do align with their career, they can talk about it. But otherwise they have the option to discuss the hobbies or activities they enjoy!

Edit 2: yes, I have had jobs I truly loved. Guess what? I still didn’t care to talk about them off the clock!

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Bra's are uncomfortable, they hurt, itch and they are a waste of money and time. People that think nipples are inappropriate and need to be hidden are weird.

I stopped wearing them years ago. Talking about breast size, of course, where you only need one to cover your nipples from society. People that think visible nipples are inappropriate are weirdos. Bra's are uncomfortable, they hurt, itch, sting and are a waste of time and money. Stop making nipples something they are simply not.. My cat has six and no one cares about them.

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Hard worker. Looks like she’s having a blast

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Always be nice to others!

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AITA for screaming at my friend in front of his teacher during his university art exhibition?

At the start of this year my friend Toby (M21) asked if I (F21) would be willing to sit for a painting he was doing which would be submitted to an art exhibition at his University. I agreed to this and sat for 2 sessions. He asked me to sit in a simple pose, just slightly slouched in an armchair and this all went fine. Once the sessions were over I asked if I could see the painting and he told me he had more work to do on it and didn't want anyone to see it before it was completed. I was disappointed but agreed and thought nothing more of it.

Cut to last month and I was at dinner with a few of my friends, including Toby and another girl who goes to uni with him Becca (F21), it came up in conversation that the art exhibition was going ahead and Toby had two pieces being shown. I was excited and hoped that the painting he did of me would be there as I wanted to see it. I asked about attending and Toby immediately jumped in and said it was for University students only and that he would show me the painting once the exhibition was over. Once the dinner was over Becca stopped behind to talk to me and said that she was confused as to why Toby told me it was for University students only when it was open to everyone. I was really confused myself and decided to go along without informing Toby I was going to be there.

The exhibition comes around and I attended. I walked around and found Toby's work, including the painting of me. However it wasn't what I expected, in the painting I was completely naked, it was very clearly my face on a naked body. I felt violated, even though I knew it wasn't my naked body and just a drawing he did I felt sick. He never informed me that it would be a nude painting, I would not have agreed to my face being put on a naked body. I saw red and stormed around the exhibition until I saw Toby and I immediately started shouting at him about how violating the painting was and how I was so upset he did this without informing me. Unfortunately his teacher was nearby and heard everything. I stormed out in tears. He's since text me several times telling me I'm a selfish bitch for making him look bad in front of his teacher and I've had messages from several of our mutual friends telling me I overreacted and its just a painting.

So AITA for making him look bad in front of his teacher by screaming at him during his art exhibition?

Edit: I just spoke to a mutual friend of ours (not one of the people that has text me defending him) he spoke to Toby and asked about the painting and Toby admitted that its how he imagines I look like naked but he didn't see an issue with it because its not like its really my body. Now I feel even more violated. I will be contacting the university tomorrow morning.

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Is it worth watching Clone wars as an adult?

I read often that people enjoyed the Clone wars a lot. I (40yo) am now trying that with my kids together. So far I'm in the middle of Season 1 and I really have hard times with that. I can see that for kids that's totally enjoyable. I was just wondering if the quality of the next seasons will improve or if I should leave my kids watching that without me.

Edit: Ok guys, you convinced me. I'm sticking to it and really looking forward to the journey. Also it resonates amazingly with my daughter to the point that we both play the theme on flute before every episode and throughout the day.

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Feels bad man

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We skipped fireworks this year to do this

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Today I learned that police horses are scared of rainbows

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TIFU by blowing up my hand with a firework. Pictures inside.

WARNING - not for the squeamish

MAJOR EDIT - I feel this should be said again since my post has been reported. This happened 5 years ago and I am 100 percent healthy. This post is to simply remind people not to do DUMBASS SHIT LIKE I DID!

First hospital visit after being cleaned up. https://imgur.com/a/lGH9lUU

progress picture of the first month


Tldr- my wife is my personal super hero. Don't let something catastrophic happen to you so you take initiative for the direction of your life.

What's up everyone, so for those in the states, we are celebrating the Fourth of July, and I hope my story can remind you to be safe during your celebrations and not to take anything for granted in your life.

So 5 years ago , I fucked up by blowing up my hand with a firework - a double shot mortar to be exact, and it was one of the best things that happened to me.

For a background, I grew up on 300 acres of land and spent my childhood and teenage years riding quads, dirtbikes, 4x4ing, and having paintball wars with friends. We also enjoyed blowing shit up and always looked forward to the 4th of July and the loot we could score when it came to fireworks. I always felt confident handling them or the chemical compounds needed to make a big boom. I had a few close calls but nothing that ever shook me. Shit, did that change.

Fast forward/Rewind to 2016 at the age of 27. At the time I worked for corporation making OK money with room to grow, and just being complacent where I was in my life as far as meaningful goals and my futire went. I had also just began dating my wife in February of 2016 and things were wonderful 5 months into our relationship and I knew she was "the one". We live in California and her cousin has a house by the beach and would have Fourth of July parties every year, and this would also be my first time hanging out with her family too.

We showed up earlier in the afternoon ready to have fun. Come night time myself and future brother in law were the first ones to break out the fireworks. It was toward the end of the night when we were down to our last few set of mortars. My wife and sister in law were inside cleaning and we were about to get ready to go home since we both had work the next day.

One of my favorite things to do with mortars was to hold the tube like a rocket launcher and pretend I was that big dude from resident evil. Long story short, I dropped the mortar in backwards in a tube that was too hot. Having set off god knows how many fireworks, cakes, mortars and m1000s, i knew something was wrong when it prematurely went off.

"DROP IT! DROP IT! DROP IT!", my brother in law yelled. Even he knew shit wasn't right. Dropping this tube launching fireballs hundreds of feet in the air was NOT an option. Any direction there was either a set of houses or bystanders around. Before I could react, I was blinded by a huge flash, ringing in my ears and the strong smell of burnt hair and flesh. All I could hear were muffled voices as I paced to gather my thoughts and I kept telling everyone, "I'm good, I'm good!"

As I walked around, all I could feel was "warm", as if I submerged my entire arm in warm water. I looked down to see my hand and my thought was, "oh, that's not good." I calmly walked into the house where my wife and sister in law are still cleaning and I make my way to the sink where I turned on the cold water and run my hand underneath it and attempt to move my fingers. I thought to myself, "ok I can feel cold water, my fingers are sort of moving I think, I'm good." With the help of a neighbor, I get a beach towel and someone's phone charger to strap my arm up. I calmly tell everyone i am okay, I'm good, take me to the hospital. I knew i had to keep calm and needed to get help asap or my ass was going to bleed out.

Without boring you all with too much detail, the first hospital we went to looked at the blast wound and said "you need to go to a trauma center, we can't do anything for that here." I was stabilized for 4 hours until 2:30am and was transported via ambulance to a trauma center 30 miles or so away.

Upon arriving to a well known and respected trauma center and waiting another 2 hours before speaking to a surgeon, he told me "dude, you need a plastic surgeon and specialist. You are lucky you're a big guy or that arm would be gone. We are going to try to get you into (names 2 top hospitals here in California) but it looks like they're full, but we have 1 shot at XYZ. "

I get life flighted and arrive to a large University hospital where I had a total of 3 surgeries and 1 skin graft surgeries that included 8 pins that went in from my knuckles to my wrist. Basically all my metacarpals and wrist was shattered from the blast. After I was in the hospital for 5 days, I needed weekly visits to my surgical team 2x a week for 6 weeks...which was 2 1/2 hours each way from where my wife and I lived. I ended up losing my position at work and on top of that, i could not find any physical therapist who would accept my disability insurance so I can begin my rehab. It was a total shit show dealing with insurance, doctors who took over my case, and my previous employer who still hadn't paid me out from my vacation and other PTO I acquired.

When it was all said and done, the real hero of this was my wife. 5 months into our relationship and we were dealt the biggest test. She assisted me with showering, shaving, cutting my hair, dressing, and getting me to my weekly doctor appointments.. By the grace of God, my medical team, and with the support of both our families, I kept my hand and about 95% of functionality. This was the most humbling and eye opening experience that has happened to me. It FORCED me to grow as a man and put my life into perspective. In 2018, I enrolled in pre requisite classes to begin taking steps toward completing a degree as an Occupational Therapy Assistant and just graduated this year in March. I hope to use my experience to help others in hard times and let them know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel - it just requires diligence, hard work, and belief. No matter how bad is, don't give it!

If you've read this far, I appreciate your time and listening to what I had to say. Thank you, and don't blow your shit up!

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