The mirror in my hotel bathroom has an antifog section. Unfortunately, I'm 5'2"

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Dislikes helped you know if a video was a scam, misleading or had false information

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Daniel Radcliffe once wore the same clothes every time he went outside for a total of six months.

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According to my research...

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You shall never disrespect the ways of the elders

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Keep an eye on that gauge

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Brett Kavanaugh runs out of beer at his first frat party (1982)

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Goodbye UK, I’ll miss you.

So after 5 years of being invited over to do a scientific research programme, it’s time for me to leave and go back home to New York.

What started as a 6 month invitational study trial has turned into the greatest 5 years of my life.

I’ve lived in Manchester and London two of the greatest cities I’ve had the pleasure of seeing, met some of the greatest people, met a significant other and had a child that I affectionately and appropriately call crumpet.

Whilst I’ve been here I’ve witnessed the UK go through tough times, rough times but amazing times.

I’m going to miss when people hear me speak and this stereotypical thick New York accent come out and people do a double take “oh shit you’re American”

I’m going to miss hearing words like Wanker,bollocks ,arsed.

I’ll miss sitting in a pie and mash shop and watching the world go by.

As I head now to the airport I have a tear in my eye seeing the landmarks fade into the background. It’s hit me harder than I expected.

My British girlfriend starting a new life with me in New York is so excited and so am I but I feel weird leaving a place I’ve called home for 5 years. But it’s time for us and crumpet to get settled and start our new chapter.

Casual UK without meeting anyone of you you’ve made me feel like one of your own

Thank you.

I love this country, and I’ll be back one day.

Resident Yank signing off.

Oh and one last thing,

It’s Been Emotional 🇬🇧❤️

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My work had their first in person event and it already makes me miss working from home

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