Scary shit

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Ah, young love

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It's always possible to love someone and hate them at the same time

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A guide to proof-reading marks

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Romanian anticommunist fighter (December 1989)

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This man left the smiling cops speechless.. awesome trick

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Penguins line up eager to be weighed and get treats

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History Channel wants to know their locations

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Synopsis for 05-11-2021 DD that's not DD but DDing in the D's for DD-juice

Good morning San Diago,

I am Rensole,

Do you smell that?

*insert flashy intro card*


So let's go!

First of all I want to tackle a few things I've been noticing, this post is not news but more opinion stuff.

Mayo posting

I've seen a lot of people suddenly post a lot of stuff regarding Mayo. This immediately triggered a "forum sliding" feeling for me, so I thought I'd help the situation a bit.

for the people who want to look at DD and only DD there are some sweet buttons on the side that say "DD" and "possible DD", if you click those you'll only see D'est of D's

For mobile click on the Superstonk sub and then go to the "about" page, scroll down and you'll have the same buttons.

This means you can click to see the content you want and filter out the stuff you don't want to see.


Yesterday we saw a sharp decline in price... no kidding it was just about 10% and we've seen worse and we've seen it before. if you need a good indicator on why this is happening it's good to look at the TA people of the sub, I am to smoothbrained to do TA but if you read a lot of their work you may even get a wrinkle.

The thing that's interesting to me is the latest post of u/wardenelite, in it he describes multiple scenarios that could happen and what they may be able to do on a technical level to give off certain ideas.

But more specific I like this image

Go give his thread a read if you'd like, I know I liked it and gives me a good idea of what they may be trying to do right now.

For the new Apes and apettes I want to repeat a simple manta we have had here since day one.

Buy the dip, Hodl, repeat.

Sounds simple right ? because it is.
Shitadel and others may want to wriggle out of this, but it's been established that a few things happened.

The DTCC said on record that they did not margin call anyone in January, meaning more than likely the same SI% or higher is still correct.

Robinhood will fuck you over, don't look at just GME look into the companies history they seem to halt trading for multiple things, going from crypto to stocks, because the guys that pay them for orderflow hold their strings, so be smart look at a better dealer/broker and look for one who wont fuck you.

Melvin got a 2 billion influx of cash to not get margin called in January, and have been "closed" since then (seen a lot of posts/messages on several boards saying that their phones are disconnected or not ringing, no public statements or activity and nothing has been heard from them since) so they may be out of business for the most part (this is pure speculation as no one knows exactly what's going on).

Gary Gensler is now in his 4th week.

We have had some great AMA's hosted by u/jsmar18 and u/atobitt which gave us some great new insights and even having Dave Lauer join the board and help explain some stuff (like the NYSE darkpool thing was not a darkpool thing but rather a datafeed thing) and we have more to come!

Final note

We have an awesome news crew which I am particularly proud of, u/pinkcatsonacid and u/bye_triangle, and I'll be working with them from now on to make the news, this means the news can be posted by anyone of us as I don't want to go back to a one man show haha, I love my Brick and Veronica and can't wait to see today's news.

I'd like to thank all the other mods who help keep this place in order each and every day, and all the amazing sub members being so damn awesome to each other, it warms my heart to see everyone trying to be on their best behaviour and help each other.

One last thing of note, if you find a new filing, don't be afraid to say

"I found this but I don't know what it means"

legalese is difficult even for people who come from a legal background so don't be afraid to say you just don't know, you're bringing new info and maybe the wrinkle brains can make sense of it!


Be friendly, help others!

as always we are here from all different walks of life and all different countries.

This doesn't matter as we are all apes in here, and apes are friends.

Doesn't matter if you're a silverback a chimp or a bonobo.

We help each other, we care for each other.

Ape don't fight ape, apes help other apes

this helps us weed out the shills really fast, as if everyone is helpful, the ones who aren't stand out.

remember the fundamentals of this company are great, so for the love of god if someone starts with trying to spread FUD, remind yourself of the fundamentals.

There is no sense of urgency, this will come when it comes, be a week, be it a month be it six.

We don't care, just be nice and lets make this community as Excellent as we can!

Remember one of the only ways to counter the Cointelpro we have seen is by being overly nice, so treat all the other apes as if you're dating and you wanna get to first base.

Remember none of this is financial advice, I'm so retarded I'm not allowed to go to the zoo 'cause they'll put me in the cage with the rest of my ape brothers.

But don't forget



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Overly loud vehicles make their drivers look stupid, not cool

It seems like it's becoming more and more of a trend these days for people to make their cars loud enough to be heard half a mile away or so. I really don't understand why, especially considering most of them end up sounding like popcorn machines or toy cars. Most newer cars don't even naturally have that "roar" to them, so you're basically trying to squeeze water from a stone when you try to make them sound like an older car.

Motorcycles are especially bad, as it honestly just sounds like ear-splitting flatulence, and the only good use for that is when those bands of motorcycle riders went to military funerals and revved their motors to drown out the hateful chants of Westboro Baptist Church. Other than that, it's just a grating way of saying "hey, look at me" that doesn't end up making you look cool so much as it just makes you a nuisance. Don't act surprised if someone gives you a dirty look or yells "shut up" at you or something like that, cause you really deserve it if you go around revving your overly-loud noise bike just for the heck of it.

Obviously emergency vehicles are an exception, but that's so you can hear them coming and get out of the way. If your vehicle sounds cool by nature, you don't need to make them super loud to make yourself look cool. In the process of doing that second thing, you just end up making yourself into a nuisance.

EDIT: Welp, this certainly blew up more than I thought it would. Thanks for the awards and karma, and thanks for bringing up how noise can be a safety feature out on the open road when it comes to motorcycles (something I didn't exactly consider before posting). I may have come off as a bit heavy-handed in how I stated certain things here, so for that part I apologize if anyone was put off by it. I currently work at a grocery store, though, and constantly hearing these loud vehicles in the parking lot drives me crazy and has made me hate the phenomenon all the more.

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