Being A Teenage Girl Sucks.

EDIT: I've seen some people say that they want to give me awards, please don't. I already have reddit premium for a month, I have 10 awards already, don't give them to me. Give it to someone who drew a cool picture or something, lol. I didn't do anything here.

Earlier this week I posted a picture of me holding 3 baby lizards. It only showed a section of my hand and nothing else. I also mentioned in the comments that I was female a couple times. The post kinda blew up a bit. It currently has 60k upvotes, and 1k comments.

The next day I saw a couple people had followed me. I was all, "OMG! That's amazing!" So I went to check their profiles.

3 of them were grown ass men. 2 of the 3's profiles were made entirely of porn. I'm talking posted videos, commented about porn, ect. 1 of them also had several creepy comments on non-porn subreddits.

The 3rd one direct messeged me and started off the chat with essentially, 'I have a dick'. When I played dumb to his stupid comment, he did a 180 and immediately told me to f myself. He then went through my post history and used some of the info found there to justify that I was already a slut. Because I had a male friend.

I blocked & reported him. I blocked the 2 porn accounts.

I'm 14.

The only part that these men could see of me was my pinky, ring, and middle finger. This was enough for them.

I feel that if I managed to crop out every piece of my body, but still mentioned that I was a girl, this would have still happened.

This world is so effed up. These men have an entire internet to use to get themself off. But they needed to also use 14 year old me.

If I ever hear someone say, "Well, did you see how she dresses? She was asking for it!" I will tell them to stick their own head up their asshole. These full grown men saw -3- of my fingers. This was enough for them.

This is all. But the world is just so effed up. It makes me so mad that all I can do is block and report.

UPDATE: Someone's already messaged me asking for nudes....... The Screenshots are on my profile.

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I saw a girl crying, so I asked her “Where are your parents?” and she started crying even more.

Man, I love working at the orphanage.

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