Cat:Please Leave Me Alone

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She literally drove around the road closed sign and crossed the wet cement in the wrong lane.

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My mom still has napkins from the original Space Jam

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Dog who suffered severe burns in a fire reunited with the vet that saved his life.

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AITA for uninviting my mom to my weding just because she "borrowed" my fiancee's necklace?


I M27 am getting married to my fiancee at the end of this month, August. We wanted it to be a simple celebration due to our budget and because we're moving into a bigger apartment we are saving money.

We've already sent out invitations to everyone, Including my family. My mom and my fiancee get on well but not all the time. The problem I have with mom is that she constantly trys to get her hands on things that belong to my fiancee. Especially jewelry. She sees a piece of jewelry my fiance buys and admires it and wants to try it then give it right back. Nothing wrong with that, infact, she compliments my fiancee for her good taste. However sometimes mom would "forget" to give the stuff back til my fiancee asks her to give it back before she leaves our place.

It bothers my fiancee, understandably so. I sat mom down and told her to respect my fiancee and her possessions and she said she didn't mean any harm or anything.

Days ago, my mom came over to my place while me and my fiancee were at work. My fiancee got home first and figured someone was there (mom didn't say she visited) then my fiancee discovered that the necklace her deceased mom left for her was gone from her closet. She called telling me her necklace was gone and couldn't find it anywhere, she also said it looked like someone was at the apartment while we were out because it was clean. I immediately figured mom was there, I just had a hunch so I went to my parents place to ask mom and she said she hadn't left her home that morning. My dad said it wasn't true and that mom said she was going over to my place.

Mom then admitted going over to clean around a bit and use our internet for an hour. I asked her about my fiancee's necklace and she said she didn't see it. My dad said actually he saw her try on a necklace in the bedroom after she came home. She told him to stop it but I blew up and told her if she won't tell me where she took my fiancee's necklace I'd disinvite her from the wedding. I gave her 2 chances after she stalled and she finally said she borrowed the necklace for her friend's daughter's wedding and planned to give it back.

I sternly told her how f&$*ed up that was and now my fiancee can not even feel safe in her own home. Mom apologized and gave it back but said my fiancee shouldn't make fuss over it since she was going to give it back in few days but I demanded the spare key back and told her she was uninvited from my wedding and she started crying calling me horrible for going as far as uninviting her just because she borrowed a piece of jewelry she promised to give back. She got others involved but Dad said he'll stay out of the drama. My sister yelled at me saying I overreacted and this was between mom and fiancee. I had to leave after the argument because of the pressure. My fiancee didn't say anything but my family are all saying I overreacted and should just calm down. They said I either re-invite mom or they won't come to the wedding.

I mean I can see how my decision could impact my relationship with mom. I was even told I'd regret it for the rest of my life. They said I can be angry all I want but since my mom borrowed it, gave it back and apologize, then we should just forget about it. But I can not get over the fact she had no regard for my fiancee or her possessions whatsoever.

EDIT about the necklace. It's a diamond necklace that my fiancee's mom gave her on her birthday. It was the last gift she recieved from her mom so the sentimental value of it is huge to my fiancee.

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Welp, we're back to Stage 5, here...

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I accidentally fucked up and deposited $15k into a random account

This is not a shitpost, I’ve included screenshots and will provide additional if needed by the ghey mods to show this is real.

I logged into a device’s Robinhood account (I’m from Iowa btw) and linked my bank account. Then immediately I transferred $15k into my Robinhood account by accident. I frantically tried undoing it, but they seemed to have eventually noticed because it says the password changed. So far, nothing has changed so I don’t think the person realizes what’s going on. The $15k is set to clear on the 10th (Tuesday) and I’m thinking about this non stop because why would this happen? I emailed Robinhood about it and they haven’t replied yet.

I posted on legal advice and the responses were lackluster, but one commenter advised me to go to WSB since whoever I’ve tried to scam would likely be retarded enough to post about it. I figure I might as well come here to get a second opinion. What do I do?

Edit: for the longest time I wondered how some people are retarded enough to go -99% in their accounts, but I now realize most of you are in fact actual crayon eaters

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'Racist' Dallas Restaurant Refuses Service to Black Family Even After Changing into Dress Code

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Touch deprieved.

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Forever number one

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