Mother cat littering all over the floor

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Hugh Jackman interacting with this fan is everything.

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This tree in my neighbourhood that has 1 branch of an apple tree and the rest is a normal tree.

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Trump declares Guns N' Roses' 'November Rain' as 'greatest music video of all time'; made staffers watch it

“Trump told her [Sarah Huckabee Sanders] the video for 'November Rain' was ‘the greatest music video of all time’ and made her watch it with him in the Oval Office to prove his point, though she ‘didn't disagree.’"

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Lawrence Brooks, America's oldest living WWII veteran, turns 111 today

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The seven face masks Naomi Osaka wore during her US Open victory today

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The Celtics have made the ECF in 3 of the last 4 years, only missing in the year Kyrie Irving played a full season for the team

2016-2017: Brad Stevens's first playoff series wins and MVP candidate Isaiah Thomas

2017-2018: Kyrie Irving misses the last month of the regular season and the playoffs. The Celtics finish one game away from the Finals.

2018-2019: Irving plays 67 games in the regular season and every playoff game. The Celtics win 49 games, their lowest win% in these 4 years, and lose 4-1 in the second round.

2019-2020: Irving leaves in free agency and is replaced by Kemba Walker. The Celtics reach the Eastern Conference Finals again.

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Fighter slams coach after winning

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What's going on with so many misspelled CancelNetFlix hashtags on twitter?

At the moment there are




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I don't respect 10 as a number.

I dislike it. I wish ill upon it. There is no reason that a number as unremarkable as 10 should be given such a high stature.

"But 10 is a cool number and is essential for almost everything" you might say. Absolute bollocks. I can write an essay about how bad 10 is but to keep it relatively short, the only reason 10 is considered special is because we follow the base 10 decimal number system. It has just this one thing going on for it. But guess what, base 10 is a horrendous way to count, there are many superior versions like base 12 and base 6 that are easy to learn and more viable, especially when doing division. Also finger counting is better in base 6, so please don't spread your humans have ten fingers propaganda.

Yes, I know. The metric system and all existing documentation are in base 10. But that's just one of the ways Big Decimal shills are manipulating you. Do you really want to use a bad number system just because "It has always been like that"? What is this if not Stockholm Syndrome? If you don't want to become a mere statistic it's high time you stand up for yourself.

TL;DR - I loathe how the number 10 is glorified and admired by people.

Edit: Yes I know it is not intuitive to count in other bases, but thats just because you have been accustomed to decimal. Analogous to language, it is hard to pick up a new one.

Also, I am aware the metric system will get destroyed if we change the base. That's not the point. If we had chosen a different base at inception that metric system, math and day to day life would have evolved with it, making that version of counting just as intuitive as decimal.

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