To Harass A Citizen Who Knows The Law

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I broke up with my boyf after I saw his sexist group chat

I (23 f) just broke up with my boyfriend (26 m) after I saw him talking to his friends on their group chat called “Birdwatching”. As the name suggests, the group’s main purpose is sharing loads of semi-nude/nude pics of random women which they then comment on, saying why they would or wouldn’t shag them, whether their tits are too big or too perky or too fake, whether they’d even consider them “gf material” or just a shag etc. It was the dehumanising, reductive, disrespectful comments from someone I love and trust on these pics which really struck a nerve. How can someone who I respect and who (I’d hope) respects me be so disrespectful about these women they don’t even know, I saw a really seedy side to him. It’s completely unjustifiable in my opinion. “Boys will be boys” just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. It makes me think, “what has he been saying to his friends about me and my body? Has he ever forwarded sexy pics of me to the group chat? Has he been objectifying me to his friends?” What is it about women and women’s bodies that straight men feel like they need to objectify and sexualise? I don’t get it.

EDIT: Thank you so much for all your support; I wasn’t expecting this to be such a popular topic. A part of me is trying to normalise this behaviour and is making me think I’m overreacting.

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Animaniacs trailer

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Despite severe weather and a tornado warning, this guard continued his patrol of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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[OC] 1920 Presidential Election

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Top Esports vs. Suning / 2020 World Championship - Semi-Final / Post-Match Discussion

WORLDS 2020 Semi-Finals

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Top Esports 1-3 Suning

TES | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter
SN | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter


Winner: Suning in 30m

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
TEScamille kindred gravesleona bard50.4k73O1 H2 C3 H4 M5
SNlucian syndra nidaleethresh ornn55.7k117M6 H7 M8
369 jayce 32-4-0TOP5-1-54 wukong Bin
Karsa sett 20-1-4JNG3-1-61 lee sin SofM
knight orianna 21-2-2MID1-0-42 azir Angel
JackeyLove jhin 14-2-0BOT2-3-31 ezreal huanfeng
yuyanjia pantheon 30-2-4SUP0-2-33 rakan SwordArt


Winner: Top Esports in 34m

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
SNlucian caitlyn syndrayuumi vladimir55.5k73M1 I3 H4 O5
TEScamille nidalee gravesthresh pantheon62.5k1210H2 O6 H7 O8
Bin ornn 32-1-2TOP5-1-44 gangplank 369
SofM kindred 21-3-5JNG1-2-51 lee sin Karsa
Angel zoe 22-5-4MID3-1-72 orianna knight
huanfeng jhin 12-2-0BOT3-3-41 ezreal JackeyLove
SwordArt bard 30-1-5SUP0-0-73 leona yuyanjia


Winner: Suning in 40m

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
TEScamille kindred gravesjarvan iv ornn65.4k73I1 M3
SNlucian syndra nidaleeazir sylas76.0k1311H2 H4 O5 O6 O7 O8 B9
369 renekton 30-3-3TOP3-0-74 jax Bin
Karsa lee sin 12-3-3JNG2-2-43 shen SofM
knight ekko 33-1-1MID2-1-41 orianna Angel
JackeyLove caitlyn 20-4-4BOT5-2-41 ezreal huanfeng
yuyanjia lux 22-2-2SUP1-2-72 leona SwordArt


Winner: Suning in 42m

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
SNlucian syndra caitlynsenna jhin81.2k2111H2 H4 C6 C7 B8 C9 B10
TEScamille nidalee azirgangplank shen73.2k181I1 M3 C5
Bin jax 35-2-4TOP1-2-102 ornn 369
SofM jarvan iv 31-3-16JNG9-5-41 graves Karsa
Angel akali 28-1-8MID1-4-91 orianna knight
huanfeng ezreal 16-4-9BOT5-6-103 ashe JackeyLove
SwordArt leona 21-8-13SUP2-4-124 tahmkench yuyanjia

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

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Hope you're doing good Mcdonald san!

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I recently became a cat breed expert

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Isn’t there a term for that?

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