TIFU by wearing an ill fitting bra to a hook up

The wonderful, wonderful guy (27M) that I’ve (27F) been seeing for the past few months invited me to come over to his place last weekend. Let’s call him Gardening Club Guy.

So I spend the day before plucking, prepping and getting the perfect outfit together for my night with GCG. I ultimately choose a nice little push up bra that matched my undies and made the titties look very nice. I don’t normally wear bras like that, but it seemed like the occasion to.

What started as a great night together, turned into a great morning together, which turned into a great afternoon and evening together!

I eventually return to my place and start reminiscing of the stellar sex that was had, and decide to shoot GCG a message about how last night I thoroughly enjoyed whatever he did with his tongue that made it feel like there was a tiny tornado rampaging my clit (I firmly believe if your partner does something you like/ that gets you off and you want them to do it again..TELL THEM)

GCG thanks me and then says “ So last night when I was feeling your breast..”

and here I am, getting in the mood to do some reminiscing when all of the sudden GCG drop kicks my life with “...I felt a firm lump on your left breast. I didn’t want to not say anything.”

So now I’ve gone from horny to horrified in 2 seconds flat. I had just gotten a breast exam a few months ago, so it seemed downright impossible..

At this point, I’m grabbing my breasts like a mad woman trying to feel for any weird lumps, when the deceivingly nice little push up bra thrown over the chair catches my gaze.

The realization sets in and I start spontaneously laugh-crying.

GCG got a firm hold of the spillage/over flow of boob that didn’t quite make it into the bra.

He grabbed the fat.

Then proceeded to inform me of his findings.

I thanked him and let him know about my previous cleared breast exam, but welcomed him to come by to feel me up and really show me what he meant..you know, just to be sure. He was happy to hear I had one done so recently and said he’d be more then happy to show me.

Basically I’ve found a super sweet guy who I get along with wonderfully, and clearly doesn’t want me to die anytime soon. I’m extremely thankful.

TL;DR hook up thought he found a lump in my breast that turned out to just be a fat roll due to an ill fitting bra

Edit: I got a breast exam at my local plannned parenthood yesterday just to be sure. No cancer here, just fat!

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