Sometimes, you'll protect yourself, and in response, a man will call you a b----.

While I was walking my dog, Moose, after work last night, in the frozen darkness that is December at 6pm in Minnesota, I noticed a van, headlights offs, creeping along parallel to me behind a hedge in a parking lot.

As I walked faster, the van pulled ahead of me and stopped, and I could see two men inside silhouetted against the streetlight beyond.

I started making a wide berth around the back of the van, and immediately, one of the men leaned out of the passenger side door, and said, smiling, "Hey, I love your dog - what kind is that? He's beautiful! He a boxer? HEY! Lemme see!"

I walked faster and hoped they couldn't see my legs shaking. Last thing I heard was, "We were only being FRIENDLY, BITCH," and the scream of their tires.

And in that moment, I felt a pang of guilt. For being "mean" to those two men. Seriously. Yet if I had been been friendly to those creeps, and they ended up groping or grabbing me, I would then have felt guilty for putting myself in a situation I knew was dangerous.

So you know what? Fuck that guilt. Fuck feeling guilty for protecting yourself, and fuck feeling guilty when pieces of shit harass you.

And the next time someone calls you a b----, tell them to fuck off. For me. =)

Edit: To be clear, there was no actual reason for me to feel guilt in that situation. But fighting off nearly two decades of parents, relatives, pastors, and mentors telling me to "submit" to men, to be "modest" for them and "gentle" to them, is a hell of a battle. Bless therapy.

Edit 2: u/ Category_Think just sent me a DM entitled, "Why would anyone rape you?:" with an enclosed message telling me why my body is unrapeable. Though many Redditors are wonderful, some men insist on making it a hellhole.

Edit 3: I now have men messaging me telling me I'm being too hard on the rapey DM guy.

It's time for a drink. =)

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LPT: When you're picking someone up from the airport, bring a snack for them. They likely haven't eaten in hours and will appreciate it.

ETA: Thank you, kind strangers, for all the awards! I posted this right before picking my sister up from the airport and packing her a slice of homemade cheesecake. She really appreciated it, as she was coming from across the country and wanted to keep her mask on until she left every public space.

To those asking why you'd be hungry after a flight, in the U.S., you don't get food on domestic flights, unless you want to purchase the world's most expensive cup of instant noodles or something similar, and that would require you to remove your mask to eat it, of course. Between the flight time, airport wait time, and time to get to the airport, it could easily be eight hours since they last had a proper meal, even with a direct flight.

To those that are hostile towards the idea that you might consider doing an additional nice thing for someone on top of an initial nice thing: You don't have to do it, and the person isn't obligated to eat it. Sometimes it just makes me feel good to do nice things for people I care about to make them happy, especially when they've had a tough day/week/year. And aren't most people having a tough year?

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My toddler and I walked to the park ...... just to find that the whole playground has been removed :/

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TIFU by accidentally quitting smoking.

I guess this is more of a positive fuck up, but still a fuck up.

Anyway, I've been smoking (just cigarettes) regularly for a bit over 4 years now. I really like smoking, it relaxes me, clears my head, and I love the taste of different tobaccos. Well, loved.

I don't smoke a lot unless I'm out with friends, which as you can guess it's something that's just not happening during this pandemic. As a result, I've spent the last month or so smoking just a couple of cigarettes a day, which really enhanced my sense of smell.

Well a couple of weeks ago, I've had a terrible sore throat, to the point of not even being able to talk; smoking was out of the question, as it was simply too painful. My cravings were easy to manage, as I already didn't smoke a lot.

Fast forward 10 days, I'm feeling alright again and I finally grab a cigarette. I light it up, inhale... And it tastes like absolute shit. It feels like I've licked clean my ashtray, nothing at all as what I'm used to! The smoke itself that's coming from the cigarette has a barely tolerable smell, I just can't stand it.

So here I am now, almost a week later. I'd really like to smoke, I loved it so much, but it's just so disgusting I can't bring myself to do it. I've tried, but it's just horrible and the taste just seem to get worse. I had no plans to stop smoking anytime soon, this was 100% not intended and I'm actually pretty annoyed by it.

I guess it's good for my health and everything, but I'm probably one of the only idiots in this world that accidentally quit smoking. This whole thing sounds so stupid.

Edit: holy hell somehow this reached r/all I’m getting a lot of comments and while I might not be able to reply to all of you, please know that I’m reading them all. With so many people sharing their positive experiences about quitting and showing support, I’m actually quite happy this happened to me now. I might be pissed off today but I’ll probably be happy about it in the long run. Thank you!

Edit 2: I’ve literally just received the results of my Covid test: I’m negative!!! I saw a lot of you guys were worried since altered taste and sore throat can be Covid symptoms, so I thought I’d update on my test results here. No Covid for me, the cigarettes taste bad for real!

Tl;dr: Had a really bad case of sore throat that forced me to give up cigarettes for 10 day. Now they taste like absolute shit and I'm actually pretty pissed of because I had no intentions of actually quitting.

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Fluffy good boi

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What are your Parks and Rec unpopular opinions?

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Dis gon' be good

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Dirk responding to LeBron and Wade mocking his cough (2011 NBA Finals): "I just thought it was a little childish. I've been in this league for 13 years I've never faked an injury or an illness before...This is the NBA Finals, if you need an extra motivation you have a problem."

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The fuck, Frank?

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Bought a sealed 360 (2009 model) came with blades dashboard

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