Some guy at the DMV today was wearing a spaghetti strainer on his head.

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What's a better way to call something retarded?

I don't like using the word because of the connotation, but it hits the spot in certain contexts. What other cuss words can I use in its place that are similarly apt

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He is chonking up the stairs

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A stray showed up at work. We took her to a vet, turns out she's chipped and has been missing from home for 3 months! Her mama is on the way to pick her up. I got to help reunite a family today!

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Passengers on Canadian airline waiting calmly to exit

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The female orgasm isn’t “elusive” at all. Unfortunately, clits just aren’t treated like dicks during sex.

The female orgasm isn’t as “complicated” as people make it out to be. It’s just that during penetration, the clit is not exposed to direct, constant, and completely immersive stimulation from all around for several consistent minutes.

No, most women don’t need an hour to cum. If their clit was treated like a dick, many, many women would be able to cum in under 15 minutes.

Anatomically, the clitoris and penis are remarkably similar. According to the article I’ve linked, “The clitoris and the penis are somewhat mirror images of each other, just organized differently... In fact, up until two weeks of pregnancy, all embryos appear to be female. It's not until week eight of gestation that testosterone kicks in and the penis starts to form. None of these parts disappear, they just get rearranged. For example the internal part of the clitoris, also made of erectile tissue, becomes the frame of the penis.”

It’s time to stop worrying about the elusive G-spot or complex methods and hacks, etc.

We get it, you want to touch the inside and jump to penetration. Yes, penetration feels great for men, but external (consistent, for several minutes) clitoral stimulation is our equivalent, and it’s crucial to the orgasm of the vast majority of women. It’s really that simple. Yes, the vagina feels pleasure too, but it feels a WHOLE lot more once you’ve taken care of the clit.

Direct and consistent (again, 4-5 minutes) clitoral stimulation shouldn’t be a “favor” that some men do in bed, it should be the baseline.

Of course, some women can’t achieve orgasm even after 10 or 15 minutes. But please, for the love of god, don’t assume that your female partner has trouble with her orgasm UNTIL you’ve given her what your dick has gotten — several minutes of consistent, direct stimulation.

EDIT: “Direct” doesn’t mean rough! It just means the clit should be deliberately played with, not ignored.

Yes, variation is real; all female experiences are valid. But the MAJORITY likes clitoral stimulation. Please don’t misunderstand my post. Sure, if the vagina was ignored, I’d make a post about the vagina. But typically, the clit is what’s ignored, not the vagina. So please stop changing the subject.

81.7% of women say that rhythmic stimulation of the clitoris leads to orgasm, while circular stimulation of the clitoris ensured orgasm for 78.3 percent.

81.6% of women don’t orgasm from intercourse alone (without additional clit stimulation).

Only 18.4% of women report that intercourse alone is sufficient to orgasm.

Only 25% of women always have an orgasm during vaginal intercourse (with clitoral stimulation unspecified).

30% of women rarely or never orgasm during vaginal intercourse.

But women orgasm during vaginal intercourse 51-60% of the time with simultaneous clit stimulation.

According to a different study, 36.6% of women then said they needed clitoral stimulation while an added 36 percent said that although they didn't necessarily need it to orgasm, it helped to get them there.” That’s 72.6%.

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What's so bad about living with your parents?

Whenever a person is asking for advice about changing their life, or how they fucked up. They start with saying they're still living with their parents. What's so bad about it? . A house is a home for a family. And families ought to stay together. Why is it considered a mark of failure? Or misery? Or loss?

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Non-binary author and assistant professor at Old Dominion University is trying to normalize the term MAP (Minor Attracted Persons)

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You guys have girlfriends?

Nah I know

Edit-(Huh A lot of you have Gfs wut?)

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