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Got a random text today. Haters gonna hate.

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On this day, 6 months ago, this cop risked everything to lead the insurrectionists away from the lawmakers and into the hands of waiting cops.

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Ayo what’s this person planning

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Let me clear the air here regarding GME, AMC, & CLOV

Alright you retards, I'm taking the initiative to clear the air. I'm probably going to get a lot of downvotes, but I'm going to be straight up honest here.

We are not a team, this is not a cult, and this is not fucking collusion.

GME, AMC, & CLOV are three completely different plays. Stop fucking comparing the 3 with this cult like attitude.

GME - Was being shorted because as per "technicals" it was a company that was going to shit (bankruptcy) if they didn't change leadership and incorporate strategic changes to their business model aka E-Commerce and the like. Additionally, the biggest reason GME picked up in late December/early January is because it had a ridiculous/unprecedented short interest of %140. Making the short squeeze extremely likely to occur. The stock picked up, gamma squeeze and short squeezes occurred and it's still the play to this day. Why? because the remaining ~15-20% short sellers still holding their positions are the same ones from the beginning who have accumulated billions in loses, thus still considered a major play + the company making big changes to their board of directors, adding e-commerce and more etc.

AMC - This stock sucked dick when it was first picked up. The only reason this stock got picked up was because of nostalgia and because of people missing out on GME. The SI% on AMC back when GME rallied up was well below 20%. This company as well was on the verge of bankruptcy. It got picked up by the supporters like us apes and more shorts loaded in. AMC due to the retail investors "Picking" this stock to rally up actually has started to work on their business model and accrued $1B in investments and has started to really concentrate on building the business into a success (hopefully). When the CEO said the talks of bankruptcy are no longer on the table, is because even they knew at the time that filing for bankruptcy was a real possibility for the company. Again, the CEO has fucked over investors in the past by trying to continually dilute the float with adding more shares. On top of that prior to the stocks rallying up the board and CEO's paid themselves handsomely when the company was about to fail. Now, the narrative is different for AMC as the shorts that are in this stock are the same ones from the beginning and have also accrued unrealized losses. Also, seems the company has really pivoted to reconstruct their business model to become a success once COVID-19 is no longer hindering the world from being normal again, thus, making AMC still a very big play.

CLOV - Was ridiculously shorted the moment it hit IPO. This had nothing to do with GME or AMC. The short interest on CLOV has been there since IPO. The play for CLOV is that it's a Medicare Advantage Disruptor, and provides a real use case and a cost effective solution to the traditional Medicare Advantage sub-segment that hasn't changed in ages. This stock has a large short interest, now probably greater then AMC and GME combined, low float, no debt, and has a very bright future for growth. It's also heavily invested by Alphabet (Google) and other major players. The firms shorting CLOV are not the same as those who shorted GME and AMC, separate that from your minds.

Yes, Melvin Capital, Citadel and others targeted GME and AMC, but this has no relevance to CLOV. No one gives a fuck, a viable stock that has a potential to disrupt a market segment that is also heavily shorted is the play for CLOV. That's it, simple as that.

All 3 of these stocks are completely different plays. Yes, a short squeeze and/or gamma squeeze will always be appreciated on any stock. But get this through your heads, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PLAY! They are completely different in respect to each other.

WSB is a casino, we're here to place bets and hope for the best. This is not a team sport, this is not a cult, and this is not collusion.

If you don't like a stock, then don't throw money at it. But stop with the shilling and the cult attitude predominantly from GME and AMC diehards that can't grasp that WSB is a casino and not a subreddit solely about GME or AMC. (I'm not talking about GME and AMC holders as a whole, most of you are chill af, just some that are constantly shilling everything with a ticker thats not GME or AMC).

Now with this shit said, I'm a big supporter of all 3. But for fuck sakes they are not the same play, stop comparing the 3.

Don't forget AMC dropped to $6 and AMC bagholders were bag holding for months before it moved. GME dropped to $40 and GME holders were bag holding for months before it moved.

Everyone needs to chill the fuck out, play your plays and keep it moving. Stop shilling shit and comparing shit when they're not correlated at all.

BB and NOK became "Meme" stocks because fundamentally, they were undervalued for what the company actually does and where they're positioning themselves for the future.

People just need to stop comparing and having these debates. 3 stocks, 3 completely different plays, fuck off and throw your money at which ever stocks you like and hope for the best, just stop with the comparisons and cult shit it's ridiculous.

Also, the short squeeze is nowhere near in sight. You think the short sellers are dumb as fuck? They're going to wait until inflation hits and fucks up the whole market. They're probably betting that once the market goes tits up, people bag holding these stocks will sell, why? Because they anticipate people will need to pay for bills, mortgages/rent, their children etc, and with the cost of living, cost of commodities inflating due to inflation, I can easily see how they're going to hold onto their positions (shorting these stocks) until this occurs. They're banking that when shit goes tits up, the investors in these stocks will also go tits up and FUD will kick in causing massive selloffs. (My personal opinion).

Some plays on WSB are value plays, short squeeze plays, gamma squeeze plays, undervalued plays, oversold plays, etc the fucking list goes on.

WSB is a god damn casino, so treat it as such. I wish you all the best and many tendies, regardless of what you're invested in. Downvote me to oblivion, idgaf.


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Come here so I can give you some Smooches

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still friends

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