MAD Lions vs. Rogue / LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs - Grand Final / Post-Match Discussion


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MAD Lions 3-2 Rogue

Congratulations to MAD Lions on winning LEC 2021 Spring and being the European MSI 2021 representatives!

Player of the Series: Armut

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Winner: Rogue in 37m

Match History | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
MADnocturne thresh lilliaashe kaisa60.0k83H1 H4
RGEseraphine jinx tristanaezreal tahmkench71.1k2011I2 C3 M5 M6 B7 E8 B9
Armut gnar 23-4-4TOP4-2-104 gangplank Odoamne
Elyoya udyr 12-4-3JNG2-0-62 hecarim Inspired
Humanoid viktor 20-3-2MID5-1-91 orianna Larssen
Carzzy jhin 33-3-1BOT8-2-103 varus Hans sama
Kaiser alistar 30-6-4SUP1-3-171 rell Trymbi


Winner: Rogue in 44m

Match History | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
MADrell lucian karmathresh gragas78.6k158H4 B6 O7 O8 O10 O11 B12
RGEseraphine jinx tristanaudyr nocturne77.2k138H1 M2 C3 O5 B9 O13
Armut gnar 33-4-7TOP1-1-64 gangplank Odoamne
Elyoya volibear 33-3-10JNG1-4-71 hecarim Inspired
Humanoid orianna 12-1-13MID4-3-42 viktor Larssen
Carzzy senna 25-2-7BOT4-3-81 varus Hans sama
Kaiser tahmkench 22-3-9SUP3-4-73 rakan Trymbi


Winner: MAD Lions in 35m

Match History | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
MADrell lucian threshkalista tahmkench66.7k1811H2 I3 H4 M6 B9
RGEseraphine jinx sennajayce nami57.9k86O1 M5 B7 M8
Armut wukong 36-1-3TOP0-3-62 karma Odoamne
Elyoya volibear 22-2-9JNG0-3-31 hecarim Inspired
Humanoid orianna 18-2-5MID2-2-31 tristana Larssen
Carzzy ezreal 21-2-8BOT6-6-13 caitlyn Hans sama
Kaiser leona 31-1-12SUP0-4-74 morgana Trymbi


Winner: MAD Lions in 24m
Match History | Runes

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
RGEseraphine jinx ezrealtristana nocturne39.0k72H1
MADthresh orianna relltahmkench renekton47.7k149I2 H3 C4 B5
Odoamne gnar 31-5-4TOP5-1-24 wukong Armut
Inspired lillia 20-2-5JNG5-1-61 udyr Elyoya
Larssen lucian 14-2-1MID2-1-61 twisted fate Humanoid
Hans sama varus 22-3-3BOT2-1-73 kaisa Carzzy
Trymbi braum 30-2-6SUP0-3-62 alistar Kaiser


Winner: MAD Lions in 35m

Match History

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
RGEseraphine jinx ezrealwukong twisted fate61.8k145H2 O3 M5 B6 M7
MADthresh rell oriannalucian tristana59.9k156I1 H4 M8
Odoamne renekton 32-6-9TOP1-5-114 gnar Armut
Inspired udyr 12-1-7JNG3-2-121 volibear Elyoya
Larssen ryze 35-2-3MID7-1-53 viktor Humanoid
Hans sama senna 24-3-6BOT4-3-71 kaisa Carzzy
Trymbi tahmkench 21-3-7SUP0-3-132 rakan Kaiser

*Patch 11.6 Notes: Viego Disabled - LEC Spring Playoffs;

**Spoiler-Free Schedule.

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I keep getting asked if I’m a “real” woman and it fucking sucks

I’m a young cis woman who has never felt unsure about being a woman. And while I do not wear makeup and prefer pants over skirts and dresses, I still think I present rather clearly feminine. Yet both in real life and lately mostly on dating websits I keep getting asked if I’m a “real” woman. They try to phrase it in various ways but overall, they want to make clear before spending more time chatting or even meeting with me that I do in fact possess a vagina. This is so incredibly demeaning. Yes, I do have one, but is that the factor deciding if I am a person worth pursuing? Worth spending time and effort on? Am I woman enough only when that point is cleared? Questions like this really make me feel like I’m only valued as a hole that can be fucked and it always devastates me. I am not even insecure about being a woman, still it shakes me. I cannot begin to imagine how cruel and dehumanizing the world must be for all the women who do not have a vulva and are constantly devalued because of that. We’re not holes, god damn. We’re people.

Got a dm as a reaction to this post (and also several others telling me I'm ugly and its my own fault):

" Use more feminine photos

Dress like a woman

Don’t be ugly"

Men are trash.

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