'Walking' on water

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Tapping on the glass

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r/teenagers starter pack

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I found a weed plant growing out of the concrete

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Florida man in his natural habitat making the storm surge worse. #HurricaneElsa

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We certainly downgraded our technology

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AITA for asking why can't we celebrate my birthday for once?

I'm 16 turning 17 soon, I'm the middle of 5 and the younger two, 7 and 12, have a terminal illness that means they won't live very long. As they won't see 20, my parents make it so that they have massive birthday parties every year with huge celebrations and mad expensive presents.

12s birthday is two weeks before mine, and since my parents always go all out on him, if I even get a cake it's a miracle. It's been like this since his first birthday though, and my older sister, 19, hasn't had a birthday celebration since 7 was born with the same condition.

So my birthday is next week, and I asked my parents if we would be doing anything for it. My mom said no because 12s birthday was last week and they're still trying to recover from it. I said that doesn't mean we can't do anything for mine and as usual they went into the there's no point if they can't even get me anything for it bullshit. So again, for the 11th year running, I'll be doing nothing.

I'm honestly just exhausted from falling under my siblings shadow at this point and I said "Every single year, you two go all out on [7] and [12]s birthdays, never your other 3 children. Why can't you just cut back a tiny bit on one of theirs and celebrate mine for once."

Needless to say, this pissed them off to no end. They think I'm the biggest asshole in the world and they won't even talk to me rn. Am I The Asshole?

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Doors in Japan

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[Owens] Adam Silver told reporters that he doesn't believe that Rachel Nichols should have her career "erased by a single comment."

Source: https://sports.yahoo.com/adam-silver-on-esp-ns-rachel-nichols-fallout-careers-shouldnt-be-erased-by-a-single-comment-041639753.html

As ESPN grapples with internal turmoil that threatens to overshadow its NBA Finals coverage, Adam Silver gave a clear endorsement of embattled reporter Rachel Nichols.

Speaking at a news conference prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals Tuesday, Silver was asked his thoughts on the tumult that surfaced from a New York Times story surrounding leaked comments made by Nichols, who is white, regarding diversity at ESPN and her colleague Maria Taylor, who is Black.

After describing the incident as "disheartening," Silver told reporters that he doesn't believe a professional with an established track record and good reputation should have her career "erased by a single comment." Silver said that he's worked through similar issues in the NBA by "getting people in a room and working through these issues by talking a lot about them."

"They require a very labor-intensive effort ... creating a climate where people are comfortable saying what’s on their mind, where people are given the benefit of the doubt, especially long-term employees that are in good standing that when they do make comments that people recognize that people make mistakes — that careers shouldn’t be erased by a single comment," Silver said.

"That we should be judging people by the larger context of their body of work and who they are and what we know about them."

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A French Smackdown

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