Petition to have redchessqueen and madie removed as mods. We don't care that the mods voted, this is the community's decision to make. We dont trust the new mod and will not support the mod teams decision to keep her. Additionally, redchessqueen needs to completely step down from modship.

I fully expect to be banned for posting this, but I dont agree with any of what happened recently and if the mods are standing here telling us we have to accept the sus madie and the crazy person redchessqueen as mods, I don't want to be part of this community anymore anyways.

Redchessqueen literally threatened to use her witchcraft and mafia connections to make her enemies disappear, can we fucking talk about the elephant in the room? The mod teams new post did not clear the air on that at all. If you want her to remain a "respected member of the mod team" you better wipe all our memories of that ever happening, because I will never respect a person who makes ridiculous threats like that. Keeping her as a mod at this point makes the entire community look like a SecondLife Guild, and discredits all the great DD in here. And madie doesnt deserve to be a mod, never did. She flirted with a desperate admin to become a mod. We don't even know who she really is, even if she doxxed herself to the other mods, the general consensus among the community is that we don't trust her. And you cant make us trust her. Trust is earned, not made. The only right thing to do is to make her step down as well.

Rensole, everyone is also asking for your resignation. The right thing to do to regain our trust is to resign, not to cling to power. I respect the contributions you have made rensole but if you're legit on our side, then you can continue to do your morning news without being a mod.

Edit: it seems as if rensole and RCQ have both stepped down, someone please confirm. I only see madie on the list among the other mods now.

If all 3 of these mods cling to power, then our trust in them will be forever gone. If they are apes that have lost their way, the right thing for them to do is to step down and take time off and remember what truly matters. If they resign and respect us users, and not force us to go to the admins, then maybe they can earn our trust back at a later date. When they come back, if their heart is in the right place I am sure the community will be willing to accept them here, but not if they cling to power and make us force them out.

If you feel the reddit admins should step in, please send them a message.

If you feel the moderator guidelines have been breached, you can contact the Reddit admins by¬†emailing [email protected] or

These two mods have not acted in good faith. They have engaged in attacks against their fellow mods and users, threatened to dox and use vague threats like "I have connections that will protect me and hide me, and make my enemies disappear."

If these distractions are not cleaned up by Monday when trading day starts, I'm out. I dont want distractions mucking up my focus on buying and hodling. The other subs will be much less noisy if these two are still mods, because GET THIS MOD TEAM: NO ONE TRUSTS THESE TWO ANYMORE, and these posts will continue noising up this sub until they step down or are removed. And if the team still doesnt get that, they will see a massive drop off in members come Monday, when everyone moves on to the next best sub.

To the ones who say we've been completely fucked to the point where there's no saving it, do you really want to keep distrusting literally everything we come across? These accusations are based in hard evidence, let's not go full tinfoil and toss the baby out with the bathwater. We are asking for a temporary resignation so that trust can be rebuilt. I refuse to believe that all the mods are compromised and that everything we have done here should be abandoned. We just need these mods to step down and prove this is not about their personal quest for power, and then maybe we can rebuild trust together if we see they are truly apes and not trying to stay in power above all else. None of us wants this to become a constant McCarthyism style witch hunt. We want to be able to trust this sub and its mods.

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Someone threw away kittens in a dumpster at my construction site. So I went to the petsmart and got kitty formula and a dropper and fed them and found them a kitty shelter. I am not a cat person at all but was appalled that someone could do this. They made a full recovery and are living happy lives

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Just received the bill for a surgery I had in April…

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This just made me laugh, thought I'd share

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Do they even know what it is?

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My kids are fucked.

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Multiple UFO's accidentally caught on drone footage. Fairfield CT

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like the _______?

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