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'Why didn't you go to Fnatic?' 'Because they didn't let me.' - Perkz interview on a croatian podcast

For those who weren't aware, Perkz was a guest on the biggest croatian podcast. First part of the interview was a more basic part where he was introducing LoL and esports in general to the audience. Second part was a Q&A section which had some more specific question.

In this thread I will translate some excerpts which I think would be relevant to this audience (not him explaining how LoL works in basic terms). You can find the link to this podcast here:

Q: 'Who creates the startegy in the team, is it you as a sort of team captain or do you have a coach?'

Perkz: 'Coaches are mostly useless in this industry so far. Our coach wasn't that bad. In regular sports coaches are usually ex-pro players, and that is becoming more so the case in LoL, but in the early days there were some random guys that were basically stealing paychecks. It's getting better, but mostly it's the player that create strategy. That's why having a good team atmosphere is so important, because you can talk about your problems more openly and actually improve.'

Q: 'As I understand you were able to choose who you play with, what is the difference between pro play where you can choose your teammates and amateur where you have to work with what you've got?

Perkz: 'Even in amateur scene I always took initiative when it comes to who I want to play with. The same thing happened in G2. When I came in, my CEO Carlos put a lot of faith in me, which looking back feels a bit weird for a 17 year old kid, but he put a lot of trust in me. So in G2 I was basically a GM, coach and a player all at the same time since the early days. That's why I have grown into the person I am today, I made a lot of mistakes, from roster decisions, human interactions to the game itself, but through all of that my CEO kept supporting me. It was a mutually beneficial relationship between me and G2, what was good for them was good for me and vice versa.'

Q: 'Was it your decision to leave G2? Was it an offer too good to refuse?'

Perkz: 'I started thinking about leaving this summer. One of the reasons is that I was playing role I don't really like playing. It wasn't a role that suits me on a personal level, my character is a bit different. ... My character is a lot better for mid lane because you are center of the map and you have the more individual responsibility.'

Q: 'There wasn't a possibility to go back to mid lane in G2?'

Perkz: 'We probably could have done that, but that is the most disgusting move I could do. I never could have done that. My decisions have their consequences. Me and my teammates are very close and I couldn't so something like that. He actually tried playing my role at the beginning of the year and understood how much worse that role is. When we made that team, we agreed that I won't go back to mid lane which makes sense. It doesn't make sense that he joins the team and then we just get rid of him and our competition.'

Q: 'Did you have an agent for this offseason?'

Perkz: 'I had an agent who helped me. He was an ex-pro player from season 3, he helped me get a good contract and speak to all the interested parties. There were some misunderstandings between me and G2, it wasn't completely clean. In the end everything worked out for me, them and my new team.

Q: 'What were some of the offers?'

Perkz: 'I had some offers from Korea, China, Europe and almost every NA team. I didn't want to go to Asia because of culture shock and I would have to learn a new language. My best option was Cloud9 because they give me competitive team, and best of all, I will get to work with 2 of my former teammates Zven and Mithy.'

Q: 'That's great if everything worked out, you also got your old role back. I assume some other clubs didn't offer that role.

Perkz: 'No, all of them offered that role.'

Q: 'So it was the best of what you could've had*?'

Perkz: 'No, it actually wasn't. But I dont' want to talk about that.'

There was a lot of other stuff in this first part, but if I wanted to translate all it would be 10 threads long. Now comes the second, Q&A part, with questions for the audience.

Q: 'Which player or team was it most difficult to play against?'

Perkz: 'Rookie and IG were the most difficult to play against.'

Q: 'How much did you play each day at the beginning of your career, and how much now?'

Perkz: 'At the beginning 10-12 hours a day, now 6-8 hours.'

Q: 'Why didn't you go to Fnatic?'

Perkz: 'Because they didn't let me.'

Q: 'What champion do you like to play the most?'

Perkz: 'At this moment, Yone. He is really broken right now.'

Q: 'Is Grabbz really a bad coach? How often does Wunder play LoL?'

Perkz: 'Grabbz isn't really a bad coach, he is good at some analytical stuff, but he isn't as good when it comes to managing people. Wunder doesn't play LoL that much. He probably played more WoW than LoL during Worlds.'

Q: 'What do you think of Limit's move to Schalke and their roster?'

Perkz: 'I think he upgraded from SK, this Schalke team is probably a top4-5 roster in EU, we'll see how well they perform on the rift.'

Q: 'Who is mechanically the best player you played with?'

Perkz: 'It's probably Caps. He is insanely talented. There isn't someone who loves the game as much as he does. He doesn't do as much stuff outside of the game, that inhibits him in some sense, but when it comes to pure talent, he is probably the most talented player in the world.'

Q: 'Do you think you and Blaber will be the best mid/jungle duo in LCS?'

Perkz: 'Ofcourse we will, who else would it be?'

Q: 'Who will be your main competition in mid in LCS and who are the top 5 players in LCS?'

Perkz: 'There honestly isn't any competition in LCS. PoE and Jensen are good. I don't know about top 5 players, I hope all C9 members will be the top 5.'

This is all of it, there is much more that was said in this 3 hour interview, but I selected most important parts. Hopefully you have enjoyed it.

*The interviewer used the phrase which translated literally means sweet torments, it basically means you are choosing between multiple good options, I tried to translate it figuratively the best way I knew

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