Two Lynx in Ontario have intense conversation.

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no one ever just wants to talk

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I am Male and I was raped

In class (freshman year) the girl sitting next to me grabbed my pants and well my penis (through my pants). After making it clear to her that it was wrong and I didn't want it she still caught me off guard and did it more times and while I was trying to defend myself from her she was still trying to do it. People told me it cant be rape because "your a guy you probably wanted it" and now in junior year I have a girlfriend and I feel so awful about it my girlfriend says she doesnt care and isnt upset with me but I feel horrible about it I dont know who to talk to because nobody believes that I was raped just because I'm male. Also some people will ask "what was the teacher doing?" Well it was a sub who didnt care and just sat in the back of class doing nothing.

Edit: it makes me feel a little better to have at least some people on the internet to talk to

Edit: I know I exxagerated a little its sexual assault not rape but I truly felt terrified

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My parents sold their camper recently. The new owners sent this picture to my mom of their girls picking out their beds

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Portland is a Warzone

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Random shoe in parking lot. I though it had no soul but it's just accidental camouflage.

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How to unthreatenify a sign

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Of childfree weddings and entitled parents losing their minds.

I had posted this earlier on Childfree and JustNoFamily.

My fiance and I are going to get married in a few months. And we've decided we don't want kids at the wedding. Kids are loud, they run around, they break things and we don't want to have to deal with that on a day that's we're supposed to celebrate our relationship. We've assigned the roles that are usually performed by children to our beloved pets. My dog will be the flower girl, my fiance's dog will be the ring bearer and my two cats are co - maids of honor. Our friends, bf's sister and my brothers and their partners think this is adorable.

Alas! Our other relatives do nor share this enthusiasm. Bf's parents said they though it was strange and were hoping that his cousin would be the ring bearer, but they've accepted it because they want us to be happy. My parents threw a fucking fit and accused me of "placing animals above children". I calmly explained to them that this was my fiance's and my wedding and it really wasn't their place to decide who would be a part of it. Our pets are well trained and well behave, which is more than I can say about our relatives' kids. My parents aren't coming to my wedding because I refused to follow a certain sexist wedding tradition (father "giving away" the daughter). My dad old me since I was robbing him of his moment, there was no reason for him to be there. Good fucking riddance!

One of the friends I've known since childhood is a mother of three and was going to be one of the bride's maids. She was "horrified" when she learned that my dog and cats will be in the wedding party. Surely, her three ill mannered kids should have had that honor. She threatened to not come to the wedding. I made it easier for her by taking her name off the guest list.

My cousin who has two kids told me, rather smugly, that she would bring her kids anyway. When she and her family were actually there, surely I won't be able to do anything about it. I told her I would have her, her husband and their kids escorted out by security. That shut her up.

My fiance's friend asked him to make me replace my dog with his daughter as the flower girl. He was warned to never bring it up again.

This wedding will be a special day for my fiance and I and we will not let other people's entitlement ruin it.

Edit : Many of you expressed concern that the wedding will be too stressful for out pets. I assure you, it won't be. First of all, all in all 32 people will be there , all of whom our pets know and are comfortable around. Second of all, the ceremony won't be a traditional one that lasts over an hour. Ours will be over in like 15 minute. Our pets won't be at the reception which can be over stimulating.

Someone sent me a DM asking if the kids' feelings will be hurt. I doubt any child actually enjoys weddings. Plus we'll be sending all children of relatives and friends gift baskets with toys, chocolates etc. I think they'll be pretty happy.

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Kin of the Stained Blade | Spirit Blossom 2020 Cinematic

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