In Joker (2019), the scene where Arthur punches the clocking-in machine off the wall was not in the script. Leigh Gill (who plays Gary) stated in an interview that during one take, Joaquin Phoenix suddenly decided to make a joke about punching out and then punched the machine clean off the wall.

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Looney Tunes’ guide to dictate all interactions between Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner. Developed by Chuck Jones and his team.

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watch 11 year old girls twerk in netflix newest show.

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TIFU by asking a podcaster to wish my crush a happy birthday

I asked my and my crushes favorite podcaster to wish her a happy birthday a few months ago

He obliged and it made her really happy, so everything was great but then he started following her on twitter

over the next few months, they started to talk more while we were seniors in college and not going to lie, they have chemistry.

Fast forward to this month, she landed a job in the northeast about 10 miles from where he lives

When she moved in, he asked her on a date for drinks and I think you can guess the rest lol

They are now unofficially dating and she lets me in on every painstaking detail.

This morning, he sent me a dm on twitter and thanked me for setting them up.

Now I watch my favorite podcast knowing the host has seen my crushes booty hole.


TLDR: I asked my crushes favorite podcaster to wish her a hbd and she now lives 1000 miles away and they're dating.

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Through the roof, i tells ya

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His fragile ego is more important to him than the US economy.

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I develop unnecessary product ideas and I made a hoodie that turns into a shopping bag.

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Cursed birth

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Mediocre Rap Battle of the #LEC | 2020 Summer Playoffs

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