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I will do what I must

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One Piece Chapter 1022 Spoilers

Thanks to redon from arlong park

Title: Ornament "花形"

(Chapter title translation isn't fully accurate it can also be translated to Flower form and the title is also related to Marco)

  • Raizo Vs. Fukurokuju.

  • Announcement of Tobiroppo's defeat to all Onigashima.

  • 15 minutes left until Onigashima lands in Wanokuni.

  • Killer Vs. Hawkins.

  • Hawkins has linked his straw doll to Kid.

  • Sanji Vs. King & Queen

  • Sanji says that it is difficult to deal with both at the same time.

  • Nekomamushi attacks Perospero, who tried to attack Sanji with Candy Arrow.

  • Marco blocks King's attack.

  • Marco tells King that he heard a long time ago that there was a race capable of creating / manipulating fire that lived on the Red Line.

  • Zoro is recovered.

  • At the end of the chapter, Zoro and Sanji attack King and Queen in an amazing double page.

Zoro: If we win this battle...

Sanji: Yes, we'll be closer to that...

Zoro and Sanji: Luffy becomes the King of the Pirates.


Image from korean leaker

Source: https://m.dcinside.com/board/onepieceblood/790110

[Brief spoiler from the Korean leaker came early because this is a WSJ break and the fan translated early chapter will be released on 20th August]

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TIFU by not being able to explain to my wife the existence of a dress that wasn't hers in the wash

Friends, my marriage was on the edge of a knife just now. Story time.

My wife (40f) comes into the bedroom with an unknown dress she found in the dryer.

Wife: Where did this dress come from?

Me: It's not yours?

W: I know my own dresses. (At this point she is making light but there is smoldering anger behind those brown eyes and I am legit in danger).

Me: Umm, I have no idea.

At this point I'm scrambling to come up with anything that doesn't make it look like I'm cheating, cause even I realize that despite being innocent this doesn't look good and I'm in trouble. I have no idea where the dress is from. Stalling for time I ask what size it is.

A dumb fucking question. Not her size. Fuckity fuck.

More scrambling and I say: Maybe it was from daycare and sent back with my kid's (3m) dirty clothes?

A stretch but I'm painfully aware the longer this mystery goes on the more screwed I am. No one has stayed at our house in the last 2 years.

The whole time I'm thinking: shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit

I suggest maybe someone is sabotaging me. It sounded stupid the moment I said it but I mean, WTF is happening??

I say: It's kinda nice, maybe you should try it on.

Please no one ever take advice from me ever.

Her eyes are beginning to promise my horrible death despite still seeming amused but don't be fooled, the reaper was at my door.

I'm literally sweating at this point and trying to keep it light-hearted is becoming more and more difficult. Has my dryer wormholed into another person's house in some twisted cosmic joke? Anything is possible now. My wife is losing her humour by the nanosecond as I stare dumbly at this goddamned dress.

I'm at a complete loss and then a revelation comes to me in my moment of need. An epiphany for the ages! A memory to redeem every forgotten thing my notoriously bad memory has forgotten over the years on the daily.

Me: Was it with that skirt my mom gave you?

Wife: *visible relief as she checks her phone*

Sure enough there is a picture of the dress in her messages of the items of clothing my mom gave her. High five brain!

Marriage saved to screw up another day!

TL;DR An unknown dress materialized in the dryer and neither my wife nor I had any explanation for it. This did not reflect well on me, to say the least. Eventually we figured it out and my marriage didn't crash and burn.

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Trump slowly realising that the crowd is booing him

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Sweden Blood Donors get notified via text message when their blood helps someone

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damn that's smooth

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This is Malaga, Spain, where the women who lived there crocheted and put together this shadow-giving miracle. Below this is a pedestrian street with shops and cafés.

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Cat greetings are just amazing.

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Never forgetting your roots

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