Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising!

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What game did this to you?

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Tom morello is a god

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Please don’t kick me :(

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Traffic signals with LED lights on the pole itself

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AITA for not telling my friends daughter the truth about being a paramedic?

Please don't repost anywhere! Also, throwaway account so apologises for the odd username!

I (24f) spent three years at university training to be a paramedic and have been fully qualified for just under three years. At the university I went to, students spend most their time on the ambulance, so I've spent a decent amount of time on the road.

My mums friends daughter (K) is 13 and wants to be a paramedic in the future. My mother and I set up a meeting with K and her mother where I can explain how university works, what a levels she should take, the process of apply etc. It was going well, and she's really enthusiastic about it all.

Here's where I may be the asshole. K asked me "whats the worse thing you've ever seen?". Any health care professional will agree it's a shitty question to be asked, but she's only young and doesn't fully understand what she's asking, so I'm not annoyed or anything. But, I kindly told her than I'm not comfortable answering that question and explain that it's traumatic for me to discuss things like that and I don't want her hearing this sort of stuff at a young age. I also said that there are tough and horrific patients you go out to but there's fantastic support within the ambulance service if she ever needs it. K gets really disappointed and begs me to tell her. I politely tell her no again.

Ks mum then blows up and starts telling me off and saying that I'm being cryptic and that I should tell her the truth about the things she could be seeing. She states that K needs to prepare herself for things she could see. My mother is on my side but there's still friction between her and her friend.

I feel like I could be the asshole because I'm not being honest about the things she could see on the road and preparing her but I also don't think its appropriate for me to tell her some really horrific things, at my own expensive and trauma.

Please be honest, I've got myself in a right muddle with it all. Thank you!

Edit: a lot of people said I should've have told her more about what we go out too. I did tell her about people dying etc, it was just this one question!

Edit: this post has so much supportive! It's overwhelming, thank you all so much. I am reading all of your replies and will reply to them shortly. Thank you all again! Xx

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Novak Djokovic is the 2021 Wimbledon Men's Champion!

Novak Djokovic d. Matteo Berrettini 6-7(4), 6-4, 6-4, 6-3

  • Equals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal with 20 Grand Slams.

  • Still En route to the Calendar Grand Slam and Golden Slam

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How this pine tree grew around the palm tree

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And the match hasn't even started yet

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Kung Pow: Enter the Fist is a comedy classic (spoilers)

Everything about this film works..from its off the wall humour, dubbed voice acting placed over a kung fu movie called Savage Killers (which is kinda boring if I'm honest) to its parody of kung fu movie tropes..the main star Steve Oedekerk is very fun in the lead role & I'm sadden he hasn't done much since, in terms of acting (maybe he has, I don't know). The fun bit with the cow which is a Matrix reference is my favorite scene along with the Lion King reference "this is CNN". The main villain Betty is my favorite character in the movie lol everytime he's on screen I cracked up. All in all, its a dumb comedy done right & its better than alot of today's comedies which are honestly more gross out shock humour than actual comedy.

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