Typo in my first version..

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Dolly Parton is the best!

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Accidentally sent a grad invite to my extended family’s old address. Received this touching letter (and $20!) in return!

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The vibes are great

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Pregnant woman zoned out in broad daylight

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CMV: Being able to freeze time is the best superpower you could wish for

I am convinced being able to freeze time is the best superpower you could have. I could fulfill all my dreams (both good and evil) with this power.

It’s important to mention that I’m talking about how a superpower would be useful while living a ‘normal’ life. That means I’m not trying to be part of some Avengers group or fighting intergalactic demons. Let me give you some examples to explain.

Get into a fight? Freeze time and escape or calmly find a way to defeat your opponent. Want to be rich? Freeze time and take whatever you want. Starting to rain? Freeze time and find a dry spot. Running late for a meeting? Freeze time and get there on time. Have to answer a tough question? Take all the time you need to think about an answer.
Want to live life to the max? Freeze time every now and then to experience everything the world has to offer without having to rush things.

Now, I’ve thought about immortality as a superpower. But the thought of being immortal seemed depressing to me because you’ll lose your loved ones over time. But by freezing time you can still grow old together, but on your time!

I could even use this superpower to fulfill some evil and naughty desires… this superpower is better than invisibility ;).

The only limit I found with this super power is if you want to use it for helping people in unexpected disasters. Because you can’t act before it happens. It only works on easy stuff you are able to see in front of you. For instance, a child that is going to get hit by a bus or something.

I’m curious if you can think of any other cons to this power. But I’m 99% sure this is the best choice.

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Somebody recently asked why this sub is only dating/sex questions, so I wanna change it up. What is your favorite class in D&D and why?

Lets mix things up.

Lets ask men, what are your favorite D&D classes?

Do you take dips or multi-class?

What about sub-classes? What do you guys think are some of the best?

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Pettiest things you’ve taken after a breakup

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The perfect domino chain doest exist.....

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Hands down

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