2020 World Championship / Group Draw / Post-Draw Discussion



Worlds 2020 Overview

Worlds 2020 Format Summary




Stage: Group Stage

City, Country: Shanghai, China


Pool 1InfoQualification
DAMWON GamingLeaguepediaLCK Summer Champion
Top EsportsLeaguepediaLPL Summer Champion
G2 EsportsLeaguepediaLEC Summer Champion
Team SoloMidLeaguepediaLCS Summer Champion
Pool 2InfoQualification
DRXLeaguepediaLCK Championship Points
JD GamingLeaguepediaLPL Championship Points
SuningLeaguepediaLPL Regional Finals
FnaticLeaguepediaLEC Summer Runner-Up
Pool 3InfoQualification
RogueLeaguepediaLEC Summer 3rd Place
FlyQuestLeaguepediaLCS Summer Runner-Up
Machi EsportsLeaguepediaPCS Summer Champion
Gen.GLeaguepediaLCK Regional Finals
Pool 4InfoQualification
Play-In Team 1Worlds Play-In Stage
Play-In Team 2Worlds Play-In Stage
Play-In Team 3Worlds Play-In Stage
Play-In Team 4Worlds Play-In Stage


  • Sixteen teams are divided into four groups of four

  • No group can have more than one team from the same region

  • Each group must have exactly one team from each Pool

  • Pool 1 teams are drawn into different groups first, followed by Pool 2 teams, followed by Pool 3 teams

  • The Play-In teams will be drawn into the already existing groups after the final Play-In Knockout Stage Game



Strawpoll: Which teams will qualify for Knockout Stage from Group A?



Strawpoll: Which teams will qualify for Knockout Stage from Group B?

RGEFinnInspiredLarssenHans samaVanderfredy122


Strawpoll: Which teams will qualify for Knockout Stage from Group C?

TSMBroken BladeSpicaBjergsenDoubleliftBiofrostParth


Strawpoll: Which teams will qualify for Knockout Stage from Group D?


Disclaimer: Since the rosters for Worlds 2020 are not yet confirmed, subs are not listed

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Wore the Trinity at a wedding and got crazy compliments!

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Update: my [33m] wife [25f] constantly makes a conscious effort to humiliate me during my lessons over Zoom

About a week and a half ago, I made a post here about my wife consciously trying to sabotage my lessons over Zoom. It seemed that everything she did was just to embarrass me in front of my students. If you want more information about the situation, you can find the original post here:


My first lesson after making that post, my wife went straight back to her old antics. I was in the lesson room as students gradually joined, talking to a student who was interested in luxury cars. At some point during the conversation, I said “yeah I think I’d have to go with the Lamborghini there.” I heard from behind the door in the basement where I was teaching “LaMBorGhiNi” in the sarcastic exaggerated tone of voice that kids will use to mock you. I realized she was being childish again, but figured she’d eventually tire herself out.

A few minutes after the lesson started, I used the word “circumference” to describe a word problem. I then heard “ciRCuMFeREnCe” from behind the door at the top of the stairs, followed by giggling. Since the timing was right, as I was about to have the students take a shot at a problem, I set them to the task, muted my mic/disabled my camera, and quietly crept up the stairs. I suddenly opened the door to find my wife with a cup over her ear pushed against the door so she could hear me.

I whisper-shouted at her for her behavior for about a minute. I asked if she was five years old and what the hell was wrong with her. She feigned fear and shock as if I had held her against the wall with my hands wrapped around her throat, which made me just sigh and go back downstairs to finish my lesson.

For the rest of the lesson she was quiet, but after it I went upstairs to bring up what she did. She started asking if I was going to yell at her again. I responded that I wouldn't, and I tried to get back on topic, but no matter what I said about her behavior, her response was the same. When I brought up her stomping in the room above before, “are you going to yell at me again?” When I brought up her sliding plastic files under the door during a lesson before, “oh, are you going to yell at me again?” When I brought up anything she has done during lessons, the answer was the same, over and over again.

There is absolutely no way to broach the topic with her now. I called her doctor and said that her behavior is erratic, and that she might have PPD. The doctor said that he could ask about it when she came in, but there is not much else he could do. The next day I tried to sit my wife down for a calm discussion about the possibility of her having PPD, to which she responded she had PTSD from my “abusive shouting.” Right. When I suggested therapy, together, she said “oh, to fix your anger management problems? Sounds good.”

I teach in my car in front of a Starbucks now. Outside of lesson time we haven't really had any issues, and now that I'm outside the house teaching, we are strained but stable. I know this is not a very satisfactory outcome, but I think she has deep underlying issues that are going to need professional intervention. When I said I would happily go to therapy with her to find a solution to our communication issues, she told me that I should go alone. I think that may actually be a good step because having a neutral party to listen to my worries and guide me towards better de-escalation tactics would be highly beneficial. I could also try to entice her to join gradually.

TL;DR: my wife has no desire to change. I’m going to start therapy alone and see if I can’t get her to join. Her doctor will bring up the possibility of PPD in her next appointment.

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My Daughter's recently started smiling... This is how I get to start my day.

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JK Rowling's transphobic history culminates in a new crime novel which features "A transvestite serial killer of women." A post about it appears on r/books. Chaos ensues.

Original Post

Take a dive through controversial and it's easy to notice that certain comments speaking more negatively about Rowling's documented transphobia are intensely downvoted. On the other hand, certain posts vehemently defending her are getting gilded. Equal parts "haha losers r too sensitive" and "JK Rowling sucks" are found throughout the comments.

Hot take, and unpopular opinion: I don't care

I mean, there are real transvestite serial killers out there

She's desperate for attention and is abusing marginalized groups to get it

"how is this transphobic?" followed by "boo hoo persecuted for wrongthink"

She's nuts.

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Bob Marley.

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Radeon RX 6000

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Lucky shot

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It’s a SCAM

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My 16 year boy looking like he is the toughest cat on the block after his tooth removal surgery 🥰

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