2 idiots jump the counter and attempt to rob a 7-11 with a fake gun. Badass security guard sneaks in front door and shoots them both. One robber yells "my gun is fake" security guard responds "oh well, mine is real"

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Mike Hastie Combat Medic in the Vietnam war, pepper sprayed in the face for speaking the truth

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LPT: if you're a redditor, for a happier day, follow positive subs like aww, GetMotivated, HumanBeingBros, MadeMeSmile, and unfollow negative subs like PublicFreakout, RelationshipAdvice, JusticeServed, any Karen type of sub, or sub with violent content.

Believe me this is a big change.

Looking at those Karen subs made me concerned about any American White woman I saw on the internet. PublicFreakout is nowadays filled only with violence from the roads. You unfollow them and look the positive subs.

Cops helping a baby who's just about to die, a small kid donating her restaurant food to homeless and her dad being proud of it, people motivating each other to fight depression - these are the things you should have more in your life.

PS - You can still be active about protests like BLM without following PublicFreakout. Just read the newspapers. Or maybe one video once in a while to be aware.

Bonus tip: Unfollow people who always spew hate on Twitter. Follow what people who are artists or experts in the field you like. I unfollowed political activists and followed tech experts. I can happily look at my Twitter feed now.

If you want good subs To actually laugh out loud -





r/cursedcomments - Funniest comments on the internet

r/madlads - People doing the craziest things


To motivate yourself or uplift yourself or renew your faith in humanity -

r/MadeMeSmile - The best one if you ask me



r/HumansBeingBros - You see the most generous people here





To watch something adorable and go aww..







And then there's all kinds of cute animal subs (even rats and snakes). Just search for the animal you like.

Edit: Two awards. Damn! Thank you people. I guess spreading happiness gives you happiness. Edit 2: Removed GetMotivated. It never helped me but I thought it helped others. But a lot of backlash here.

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Idiots not caring about Corona aren't restricted to the USA. This is Hamm, Germany, yesterday.

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Fucking true

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We need more people like this

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Where’s a time turner when you need one

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We need to find her

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Cursed genocide

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