LPT: If you have to put down your animal, be with them at the end. Don't make their last minutes looking around frantically for you

I understand its hard, but your pet deserves you to be there at the end. My vet friend has too many stories of guardians noping out of it since it is too hard on them. She says it breaks her heart when the pet is scanning around the room, calling to the owner, and generally more scared than if the owner was there.

You were the pets whole life, they deserve better than this. Suck it up for them, and then you can at least grieve knowing that you did all you could with your choice (if it was your choice).

Edit: Also this is obviously when you can be there (virus permitting!)

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I (26 M) recently found out that my Fiance (28 F) has hid her massive debt from me for our entire relationship. I'm thinking of calling off everything and leaving but everyone around me says i'm overreacting.

So, over the last 48 hours my life and relationship has basically gone off the deep end and I need some advice.

I've been with my fiance for a little over 3 years now. We met through friends and started dating soon after. I proposed at the beginning of the year and we were planning to try to get married this summer. Due to a certain world wide event we had to put that off though. Outside of the normal relationship troubled that most people have, our relationship has been great. I really felt like she was the one and I loved her. But, it turns out she's been lying to me about her financial situation.

My fiance has never been in a "good" situation financially. She never went to college and works as a server full time. This never was a problem for me. I went to trade school and make enough money to support both of us if needed, I have had to give her money before to help her when we were dating and this never bothered me. We ended up moving in together specifically to help her out in this area. This was never a problem for me as I really don't care about money. However, this week I found out that she's been lying to me about how bad her financial situation actually was. When we moved in together my fiance claimed she only had about 6k worth of credit card dept. I gave her the money to pay that off when we moved in together so that it wouldn't be a problem in the future. Well, it turns out this was a lie. This week I found out that she has MUCH more debt. Over 110K!. She did not tell me this. I found this out when A debt collector called me. It turns out when she moved in with me she didn't inform any of her creditors that she moved,

Even though I don't care about the money, this pissed me off to no end. I confronted her yesterday about this. She claims that she was so afraid she was going to lose me at the start of the relationship she decided to just not tell me about her massive debt and was going to wait till after we were married. For 3 years she just decided to lie to me. I called of the marriage then and there and packed a back and left for my parents house. She's called me nearly 60 times since then and I've ignored ever one.

When I told my parents about this they said I am being immature and petty. According to them this is "not a big deal" because "everyone has debt now a days" and if I love her I need to understand how scared she was to tell me. I do love her, but she lied to me for 3 years about this. Along with this, the fact that she is so far in debt will become my problem if we married. Everyone i've talked to say I need to look past this and go back home. But I honestly am thinking of just calling her and telling her I'm done and we're over.

I feel like I need some advice here.

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You see it 2 right?

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When someone finally appreciates your talents

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Stupidity at its best

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Yes, it's to refrain from common sense

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Do not try this at home

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Utah Cop shoots unarmed skater from behind for grinding on public handrails!

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