New Zealand enjoying their rugby game with no Covid- 19 cases :)

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John Lewis crossing the bridge at Selma one last time

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Military veteran stops truck to open fire and scream threats and racial slurs at peaceful protesters last night in Richmond VA. Please upvote and share this, help make this known!

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Ight, this is important.

So, most of us here are minors, under the age of 18. And there’s an important thing that needs to be said so please listen, I know you will most likely ignore this or won’t care because I’m only 13 but just read this.

So, I get it, probably all of us have horny rides and stuff, I get it. But please never, ever, send nudes to anyone, I don’t care if they are attractive, how close you are to them, I do not care. Just don’t send nudes to anyone until you’re at least 18. Even if you are both minors, it counts as child porn. Which is illegal, if you want to see some nudes, just go on pornhub or any other porn site, not other teenagers, please.

It’s just common sense, sending nudes to another person as a minor, is illegal, it’s like sending child porn. Just wait until you are at least 18. I know most of you won’t listen but please. Just don’t send nudes.

I am not good at words but I’m just saying that you should wait until you are at least 18 to send nudes, you and the person you are sending it to.

Thank you for listening.

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"...from the video game series you've been meaning to beat, from the books you've been meaning to read..."

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22, I'm way too confident with my hair. Make me want to cut it.

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The University of New South Wales showed how dangerous things can get with and without a mask.

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I (38m) just found out that my brother (19m) has been perving on my wife (37f)

Throwaway cause I'm still the only one that knows

Background: My brother has been staying with us since lockdown, after his University closed. He couldn't stay with our parents cause they just sold the house and moved to a 1 bedroom apartment and our sister lives in a different part of the country. He was the "oops" baby so I hope that explains the age gap. My wife and I have a 5 bedroom home but currently don't have children yet (we decided to adopt 2 kids in our 40s) so we let him stay here.

My brother has always been... Different. He's a bit of a loner and doesn't have a lot of friends outside of his online group. He's a shy geeky kid but he's otherwise alright (or so I thought) when you get to know him.

So here's what happened

The wifi doesn't quite reach my brother's room so he usually does his school work and other stuff in the dining room. A few nights ago, I was walking to the fridge after waking up in the middle of the night (wife and I sleep early) and saw my brother working on something out and as I got closer, I saw a very compromising picture of my wife (cleavage shot as she was gardening). He noticed me and quickly closed the window like he was watching porn. I was too shell shocked to say anything at that time and he just smiled awkwardly and ran to his room with the laptop.

When I realized that something was up, I knew I had to find out. The next day, I asked my brother to pick up some groceries and some lunch for us and while he was away, I went to his room (something I've never done since he moved) and, well, it wasn't pretty. I saw a couple of my wife's bras and some of her panties which I can only assume he used to pleasure himself. I took his laptop and fuck it, decided to snoop. I knew his password cause I borrowed his Crunchyroll account to watch this anime my friend recommended (I don't usually watch anime).

There I saw some of the most sickening entries I've read. There were pictures of my wife in a towel, her working out, her in compromising positions, etc. All taken without her consent by the looks of it. The fucker even logs every time he touches himself to the image of my wife. The creepiest part? He sometimes listens in on us when we have sex. My wife can be a bit loud but we didn't think it would be a problem since his bedroom was in a different part of the house (guest bedroom).

I left the room feeling like I needed a shower. It was absolutely disgusting.

Now I don't know what to do. I find myself fighting the urge to pummel him into next week every time I see him. I haven't told my wife yet cause I'm 100% sure she will feel violated and disgusted so I want to find the best solution first before doing so. I so desperately want to kick him out but I he has nowhere else to go. Even if I do, what should I tell my parents? The truth? This will most likely break the family apart. I do plan on telling my wife soon but if I do, I can almost guarantee she would want nothing to do with him and would never want to visit the family if he's around.

I'm so fucking lost right now. Any advice will help. Still fighting the urge to beat my brother to a bloody pulp.

Edit: if you're wondering, I did take pictures as proof.

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This good girl was the reason a man that broke into our backyard this morning didn’t go past the back door. She’s small but she’s mighty!

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System of the Down

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