I like to draw animals in one line. Last night I finished this piece and wanted to share

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TIFU by accidentally showing my mother in law my dick

Edit: This post apparently made people think my wife sucks, which is not the case. She's amazing. Simply an annoyed and embarrassed moment compounded by our laughs. She's over it today.

I get a text today at work from my wife talking about how the kitchen TV(we have a 49" fire tv mounted on the wall near the kitchen island) is showing family photos as a screensaver. I didn't think anything of it, and just continued on with my day at work.

About 30 minutes later all hell broke loose.

My wife calls me and screams at me that my mother in law was washing dishes when a picture of my very hard dick shows up on the screen next to her. Now, I don't know about you guys, but when I send my wife sexy pics, I tend to close crop them for effect. So she got an eyeful of about 3 feet of cock.

I immediately start cry laughing. I'm one of those people with a REALLY dark sense of humor. My wife is not amused. She's screaming at me, and all I can think to say is, "Well, it's not like she's never seen a dick before. How do you think you were made?"


Wrong answer.

But at least at this point I can hear my mother in law laughing in the background.

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that she lives with us. So this isn't something that I don't have to live with immediately.

So I get home just before dinner, and it's SUPER awkward. Like everyone is quiet. My kids are none the wiser, they have no idea what happened a while earlier. So I finally look at my mother in law and ask her how her day was. Both of us were laughing before I even finished the sentence. My wife is still pissed. She went to bed and didn't even watch any TV.


My mother in law saw a blown up 3 foot image of my cock while washing dishes.

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Hehheh lil feet

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The only valid response

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A British airline billboard in London where a kid points at a passing plane and gives you the information of the flight

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got me to delete my account there, gtfo

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Difference between a vaccinated person and unvaccinated one

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The band had to stop and let him flex 😄🙌🏽

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In Anastasia (1997), the drawing that Anastasia gives to her grandmother is based on a 1914 painting created by the real princess Anastasia.

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