A tram in the Netherlands failed to stop in time and broke through the emergency barrier. It's being held up by the statue of a whale's tail.

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Ah yes, horse.

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It’s a baby shower and the “father” brings lawyer and prove that he isn’t the father and it’s the chubby guy at the end, exposing his “wife” in front of everyone

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V-Sync in real life

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Is there a more gut punching ending to a film than 'The Mist'(2007)?

Its 13 years old now, and I still cant think of an ending to a film that fucked its main character harder. The kid waking up, the view moving to outside the car. The gun shots lighting up the cabin of the car. Then the anguish of David Drayton as feels every raw emotion sitting in the car having killed 4 people including his young son in order to save them from a horrible death. He gets out the car and screams for the monsters to come and save him from his pain. These things that he had spend the movie trying to escape, now offering him his only escape from the pain of living. The rumble of something approaches. He prepares himself for his end, hopeful it will be quick. The mist parts bringing into view, not the saving that he wanted so desperately from a monster but something much, much worse. An army convey beating the monsters backs and taking people to safety.

He falls to his knees, his pain made a million fold. If only they had waited just a little longer, the thought that will kill him for the rest of his life.

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There goes their screen time..

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Just an avarage, godzilla sized latvians

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YSK masturbation is good for your prostate health and may lower your risk of prostate cancer. [NSFW]

Okay, last edit bc people don’t read to the bottom: Do as you please with your willy. I have since realized that many studies about this subject are inconclusive. Porn is bad for you (eroticfilms.com might be a healthy-ish alternative); release through sex OR self pleasure is good but dopamine can make you want to do it often. Just take care of yourself. If you want to discipline yourself using NNN go ahead.

Why YSK: no nut november is upon us. Those who partake in it may be doing more harm than good. (edit - everyone is different in this regard. NNN is an opportunity to practice self-control and rewire your brain concerning your sexuality.)

Some studies speculate that the act of ejaculation dispels harmful chemicals that build up in semen.



Not to mention, masturbation is good for you in general. It helps relieve stress and cloudy judgement and it feels good. If you’re excessively masturbating, that’s another thing, and maybe cold turkey is your plan of action to getting better. But men, don’t withhold yourself just because of something that got memed out 2 years ago.

Anyway, good luck.

Edit: I should clarify that if you struggle with addiction to porn/masturbation and NNN is something you believe will help you combat that, by all means, best of luck to you. The purpose of my post is to combat stigma around masturbation and help people recognize it is not a behavior to be ashamed of. I guess I should also add that I am a woman and I won’t tell you what to do with your body.

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Nintendo sent me a banned Switch instead of a repair. 4 weeks later, I'm still stuck with it.

So, late this September, my Switch's battery died and I sent it in for a repair (paid $100+ for it too). A fairly quick time later, they send back a new "factory certified" switch as a replacement.

Except, when I turned it on and went to the eShop, it couldn't connect. When I went to update the OS, it couldn't connect.

I called up Nintendo and they confirmed the console itself was banned and they had no way to reverse the ban (note, this was not my original one, it was a new serial number, and they confirmed my Nintendo Account was in fine standing).

They said they needed to look into how this mistake happened and would get back to me shortly. They apologized and said they would give me a download code (to...something?) when this was resolved.

A week later, I called them and they had no new info, but said that they would definitely have a resolution within a week.

A week later, I called again and they had no new info, but were going to escalate the issue and should be just another week.

A week later, I called a fourth time. No new info.

I've tried explaining to them that I don't understand why I can't just send the banned console in and they send me a new factory certified one. They're doing "background research" about where their repair process fell apart, but I don't see why that means I need to hold on to this non-functional console for them to do it. If I went to Best Buy and bought a console, and it didn't work, they wouldn't make me hold onto it for a month while they looked into what happened. They'd give me a new one.

The rep said there wasn't anything he could do and I just had to wait for them to "finish".

So as of now, it has been over a month with no actual new updates or progress from them. No one I've talked to has any idea why the "background research" is taking so long or what the next step will be (or how much longer it will take).

Like, I don't fault the reps at all, they've been actually incredibly nice and apologetic, but this is absolutely bonkers.

Has anyone seen any other methods of escalating things like this?

Update (12:19 CT): Called the supervisor line again. They said it has been escalated to an even higher team and that they literally have no further visibility into what is happening. The rep I talked to said he's the highest customer-facing person available to speak with and beyond him it is just internal teams. He couldn't give any reason WHY they couldn't just send a working switch, he couldn't give any reason why this was taking so long. I get it, his hands are completely tied as well, but it's pretty annoying that they have absolutely zero visibility into the issue. I'll just keep posting and calling back.

Update: sent a Tweet out and tagged some Nintendo Switch reporters: https://twitter.com/AaronSenser/status/1322933260071112707

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Not mine, but I thought this belonged in this sub. I love anime but some female characters....

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