Hockey loving puppy

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I am 400 days sober TODAY and 323 days without a single smoke. I have no one to celebrate it with so I hope to do it with you guys!

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Thank you non-dramatic lurking apes! You are the backbone of this entire thing.

I just want to say thanks to all the apes that check in on reddit to read read the DD, watch the memes and upvote good posts.

You guys are the reason everything isn't crumbling.

You can already see that the people who are too engaged are getting consumed by the whole situation and drama ensues.

The silent apes are just as important in my eyes as the clever apes doing DD, because the silent apes are the ones reading and acting upon it without creating drama and tension.

So if you are a lurking ape then, THANK YOU .

Apes together strong!


I just want to clarify that I of course am also grateful of the clever apes posting the amazing DD, It is some next level investigating that has and still is taking place.

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You can't stop the evolution.

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Kinda looks like a fidget spinner.

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Shitty early-2000s comedies starter pack

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[Gbay99] As someone who's watched NA league for ~10 years now, it's weird how I've started rooting against my own region. At this point I WANT NA to fail, if for nothing else than the embarrassment of team owners and all these ridiculous decisions they've made to cripple the local scene.

Link to to the original tweet:

He also followed it up with discussion in the replies about how seeing teams made up of 3-5 imports choking internationally makes him very happy.

This sums up a lot of the feelings of NA fans right now. Hopefully LCS teams will get the message and change course...but I'm afraid that doesn't look all that likely without some intervention from Riot preventing more importing.

I wish there were more prominent figures in the NA LoL esports scene joining Gbay in his condemnation of LCS owners' behavior.

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Save them $$$

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