CDPR's Apology & Their Promise to Fix Old-Gen

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How do you deal with Americans?

Hopefully this doesn’t come across as rude, but I’m genuinely befuddled. A bit of back story: I have been thinking about starting a new academic journal. A dear friend and colleague of mine in the States was meant to collaborate with me but due to circumstances had to back out. He recommended a colleague of his as a replacement. On Friday I sent her an email to introduce myself and discuss the journal.

This morning I saw she wrote a lengthy reply including this: “Also, not to nitpick, but I noticed a couple spelling errors in your email to me (“realise”, “organise”, etc.). Perhaps it’s a good idea to bring on another colleague as editor?”

I now have her marked as a twat but maybe that’s unfair? The tone seems a bit condescending and I worry this will continue if we collaborate. When I see them write “recognize”, I understand that’s how they spell it, the silly cunts, and I don’t correct them.

Has anyone encountered this issue or similar working with American colleagues? As I’m not the most tactful at times, any polite way to handle this?

Edit: Thanks to all for such funny and thoughtful suggestions. I’m going to give it a couple of days to think about it so I don’t act in a rash manner. Thanks for offering myriad sides and opinions.

Edit 2: My issue isn’t with a suggestion of an editor (of course one is needed for a journal). My issue was with her reason for suggesting an editor (because I spelt things “incorrectly”). For the Americans on here, please note I am in no way lumping you together; this is a question about this specific person’s behaviour, and I’m curious if others have had similar interactions with Americans at work and how they’ve dealt with it. I like a lot of you! Seriously! Even if I don’t understand your sweet potato and marshmallow concoction. x

Cheers and let us never drop the u or switch to z!

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Stop calling them militias

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Newspaper tries to shame a frontline worker to make ends meet

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They spent 4 years ignoring the fact that Melania posed nude. Now, my Christian friends are attacking Jill Biden, who has a PhD, for daring to use the prefix “Dr.” This isn’t about slut shaming Melania. It is about exposing the double standard. They’ll tolerate a nude model over an educated woman.

As soon as this op Ed published and got news attention, all my good Christian friends started berating Jill Biden on social media for being a phony and a fraud. “Not a real doctor.”

They were silent, however, for four years about how Melania posed VERY nude.

They were willing to tolerate a nude model in the White House, but an educated woman? That drives them insane.

Let me be clear: This is not about Slut shaming Melania. This is about exposing the double standard.

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Google Engineers right now!

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nice try mf

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This dog and Ned's reaction to the dog has made my day :)

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Mt. Rainier ,washington

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[image] you can get a refund on ps4. At least they are honest

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