The fact that this is a thing.

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You know I'm somewhat of a professor myself...

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Four hours into an 8 hour flight from Spain to NYC, a child suffered an asthma attack and his medicine was in a checked bag. Fortunately a pioneer of robotic surgery happened to be on board, and Dr. Khurshid Guru was able to MacGuyver a nebulizer.

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Demi Lovato comes out as non-binary and changes pronouns to they/them; r/unpopularopinion user promptly makes a post stating that its just for money and attention, leading to various arguments:"Non binary doesn’t exist we need to stop this attention seeking BS","When will the pronoun trend be over?"

Demi Lovato's coming out tweet:

Thread- I have no problem saying it, Demi Lovato is using being non binary to make even more money


-Non binary doesn’t exist we need to stop this attention seeking BS

-When will the pronoun trend be over? No one cares what you are or who you sleep with. However I do find it annoying that the pronouns have to involve everyone else.

-They first came out as queer then pansexual and now non-binary. Pick a lane person and stop making it all about you. Anyway they is irritating and just needs to do something else than be in the spotlight. Times up bitch

-Just a fading Disney star who isn’t in the tabloids anymore for ODing in heroin so now needs a new thing to stay relevant

-How does someone identify as they/them ? Does it mean she has multiple personalities or something like that?

-Her youth and looks are fading so she's got to keep the spotlight on herself. It's sad that our society is like this.

-I agree, if this is truly who they are, great. I just read about the yogurt thing, and holy crap, anything for attention. The shop has sugar-free cookies and stuff for people with specific dietary needs. That's good, right? Being inclusive to people who can't have sugar or gluten, etc. Lovato claimed it was "triggering" and went on some spill about they need to "do better."

-Being non-binary is nonsense.

-Non-binary is mental illness

-I actually seem to like her and have admired her outspokenness about her struggles until I noticed that they just keep coming....

-I have no problem saying it, anyone that says theyre non binary is using it as a cry for help.

-It's like every week Demi has some new thing to get into the spotlight

-The contrast between someone like Lovato and Elliot Page is a good way to look at this. “Hey I’m Elliot. That’s all. Please respect me.” And then Lovato, who has to be literally everywhere.

-So many times I feel I need to say this. "You're not NonBinary you're just a bisexual with a bad haircut."

-Non-binary is a new human construct to attract attention to yourself because you're a lost soul. It's also quite a load of bullshit.

-They/them pronouns are not a thing. YOU are seriously mentally ill if YOU use them. Get help.

-Whenever I read an article written about a nonbinary person who uses non gendered pronouns I'm left scratching my head, it sounds so grammatically incorrect. I personally wont use gender neutral pronouns for a specific identified person because I dont agree with the ideology. I believe people can express themselves however they so choose, but being androgynous doesnt make you a new gender. It is so regressive.

-Wtf is being non binary ?? Who invented that??

-Non-binary is not something that people experienced ever. It's a complete invention of the modern age.

-as they should be. Non binary doesnt exist bud. Never has. "social construct" nah its your imagination

-Im not ever calling a singular person 'they', the fuck lmao?? She can get bent and OD on heroine again

-Oh god, I dunno, but she's a fucking woman. I don't give a shit what she says. This is BS and we all know it.

-Stop making these things up. Seriously. You can't not be a gender. Are you kidding me? I don't really give a crap about what people do in their spare time, but don't make it a public issue. And gender is not a social construct. You're either a man or a woman. Everything else is just nonsense. And quit looking up to crazy, attention seeking people.

-The idea that we all have to care about their internal culture war is infuriating. Edit: the DMs from defensive Americans are incoming. Come on guys don’t do this.

-I don't think this is true. But there is some evidence that people are identifying as non-binary in a social contagion.

-they just changed their pronouns after ive been living about what almost 20 years of calling them a she so are there moments im gonna say she, yes. Should people be expected to always remember the pronouns? No. Its only the internet where people who have no idea what you're thinking, think they know where to attribute motive.

-I feel like most of the gender obsession is really just an ego swirl. I mean, I've never experienced gender dysphoria, so I don't think it's possible for me to understand it.... how can you grow up in a body and feel like it's incorrect...? Not to say people can't do whatever they want, or don't deserve rights because what they are doing makes no sense to me... But yeah, I mean, if you're going to decide to fly in the face of your biological presentation, it certainly takes a fair amount of self importance.

-I refuse to address her by "they". Not because I have an issue with non-binary, I don't, it doesn't effect me so if it's what helps you identify than do you and be happy. I refuse to address demi as "they" because she isn't genuine and is only using it to stay relevant which is extremely offensive to the nonbinary community which already recieves enough shit from people as it is. I'll just address her as fake bitch, seems more fitting.

-Gender is not a social construct, saying so would imply trans people don't even exist. Maybe you're thinking of Gender roles? I'm assuming by symptoms of transgenderism they meant Gender dysphoria

-Please try to use their proper pronouns. Even if it seems like they are using being non-binary for attention, please use they and them rather than she and her. It really does make a difference. Besides, whether it is for attention or not this is who they are and I would appreciate if you respected them.

-Can someone explain how they them works? How is they singular it doesn't make sense to me Also fuck them, I didn't forget how they attacked that ice cream business for literally no reason

-Why are you saying folx? FOLKS isn't "gendered" its literally just a normal word. STOP injecting your linguistic imperialism in everything

-OP understands lib agenda. Emotion=money

-Wasting your breathe dude, they're already brainwashed sheep. There's no going back for them.

Lots of drama caused by users reminding others of Demi's they/them pronouns:






-Demi uses they/them pronouns please respect that

-*They. I know they're kind of annoying but let's use the right pronouns.

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Music is hard bro

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I love you dad

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Who orders small coffee anyway?

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what could go wrong.

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Can people stop gatekeeping mental illnesses

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A pencil drawing by a 16 year old Irish girl has won a National Art Competition. Shania McDonagh is tipped as a future top artist. The man she drew is a Fisherman and Seaweed Harvester named Coleman Coyne. There's a story in every line.

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