The Battle Pass is way too grindy - does not feel rewarding

Maybe it's this BP season in particular because the skins aren't great (R99 looks cool), but these new challenges and 'battle star' system is extremely grindy. I've finished all of my daily quests and I still haven't leveled from 1 - 2 until I get my bonus star from xp.

  • In past seasons, respawning 5 squadmates was 1 BP Lvl. Now Respawning 15 squadmates is 2 stars!

  • 40 knockdowns is 2 stars?

  • You have to win 5 games to get 5 stars which is only half a BP lvl.

  • Get 10 knockdowns with weapons from a care package? Do you know how hard this is for the average player?

    • This only grants 5 stars.

  • It takes 10k xp to get 1 star... so 100k xp for 1 BP lvl. Previous BP xp track was 9/18/27/36/54... so basically we're getting 1 BP lvl for every 4 we would have gotten last season.

  • Last season we also had weekly challenges of "Complete 5/10 daily quests" for 2 BP lvl every week. This is now gone.

  • The rewards/cosmetics this season are mediocre at best. If you make grinding twice as hard, the rewards need to be better.

    • More apex packs, coins, maybe a dive trail?

Overall this feels quite unrewarding. I dont think i'll have the time to max the BP this season and now I dont even really want to try. I honestly regret this purchase which is the first time that's happened for me and the BP. I really should have checked to see what the progression was like before buying the BP. If I knew, there's no chance I would have spent my coins on this.

Edit: added more to list

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