So cats /do/ understand mirrors

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Looks perfect to me

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TIFU by telling my wife what she is out of 10.

Today my wife and I were having a conversation about looks and other things superficial. I told her that I thought that most people over exaggerated when they were rating people. When most people rate others they usually give them a 9 or 10. I said that in reality, if we were honest, most are a 5. That is average. From there most people will personally know some 6s and 4s, we will know even less 7s and 3s, a handful of 8s and 2s and almost no 9s. 10 is impossible because that is perfect and no one is perfect. She then asked me what I thought she was based on this very superficial rating system. My response was 7. I then clarified by saying mid to high 7. I then told her that I thought that I was in the 6 range. Not overly attractive but maybe above average. I never meant to hurt her feelings but I did exactly that. I thought that explaining that 7 is absolutely gorgeous and that most people are not even close to that. I feel that most people would agree with me. But what she heard was that she was a 7. So now need to try and fix my stupidity.

TL;DR today I learned that superficial conversations should not be with significant others

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Can you imagine the right-wing outrage if Biden did this?!

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This might be the best wedding photo ever

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This piglet and his private fireplace

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TIFU by going braless for my vaccine

Obligatory, this happened 2 months ago.

A couple months ago I went to get my first vaccine as 18’s and over were able to go get theirs, so a few of my uni friends and I decided to get ours done in a bigger city near where we live (I live in the north of England, for reference) for a nice day out. We decided to book somewhere to eat and maybe go out afterwards for some drinks.

But the night before, I went out with some of my other friends and we were out pretty late. Now then, anyone who knows me knows that while it takes me maybe 3-4 hard drinks to get me drunk, I can be hungover with just 1-2 drinks. So I drink a lot that night, go home, trip over in my room and land on my leftover chips from dinner, and fall asleep on a slice of toast that I hadn’t eaten yet.

I wake up like 4 hours later and very slowly and carelessly get ready to get the train to this bigger city to get the vaccine, so i decide to put on a long-sleeved crop top and flares. Also, I’m definitely still a little drunk and hungover at the same time, because I keep snorting laughing on the train and I almost threw up the one sip of coffee I had with my paracetamol.

When we get to the vaccine centre, I start thinking whether or not my outfit is very appropriate for this kind of activity as the sleeves are pretty tight, but I convince myself I can probably roll them up. So I sit in the chair and a nurse starts asking me questions and before you know it she’s like “can you lift up your sleeve” and i say “sure can” and low and behold, I can’t.

To be honest, I feel like if I tried really hard I could’ve definitely rolled it up higher but she says that it would be bad for the vaccine if my circulation was hindered at all so she’s like “hey, can you take your arm out of your top” and I’m like,

“Sure. But I’m not wearing a bra”

And she just looks at me and I look at her. And she says it’s okay cause she’ll shield me, but there are people all around me getting their vaccines and there are no opaque screens to stop someone seeing, and as I take my sleeve out of my crop top, both of my tits become very obviously completely exposed to the cruel cold air of the vaccine centre and everyone is aware of it. I guess I have pretty nice boobs so it’s okay but it was still super embarrassing.

TL;DR: being super hungover I was not in the correct mind to pick an appropriate outfit to get vaccinated in, and as I don’t wear bras, everyone saw my tits.

Edit: I would like to just say that I did not expect this much attention from a very silly post. I have many stories like this because I am a little bit of a mess. This may sound really stupid but I’m actually a biovet student going to veterinary school and did science a levels, but I’ve never ever heard that you’re not supposed to take paracetamol after drinking. I guess it’s sort of a given but I am a deeply silly person. I know I probably shouldn’t have gotten super drunk too before my vaccine but It was one of the first times I could do something nice with my friends after restrictions lifted so I went all out - probably a mistake lol.

Edit 2: I didn’t forget to put on a bra, I never wear them so it never occurred to me that putting one on could’ve saved me this whole embarrassing story lol

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What are your biggest Switch related regrets? Shameful stories, regrettable purchases, lapse of judgement?

What's the worst thing that has happened to you regarding your Switch? Have you accidentally broken it somehow, lent it to a bad "friend" or do you just have a game or piece of gear that you REALLY regret buying?

For me, the things I regret is not buying more game as physical cartridges. My friend always wanted to try Bayonetta but doesn't wanna buy it because they don't like DMC. I want to lend them my copy, but it's digital.

As for the "dumb accident" part: I broke the SD card reader because I wanted to clean the dust from the fans after three years of use and I misaligned the card reader and pressed way to hard, breaking the connector. I also stripped one of the tri-wing screws trying to fix the card reader so another disassembly is not gonna be as easy.

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Girl talks about being “dreamsexual” and everyone is just silent

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This is *supposed* to be a statue of the Virgin Mary from a sculptor named Maria Scanu

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