Boss wouldn't accept my resignation letter

After several months of having my vacation time off requests denied, my staff being fired and not replaced and my work hours increased without my consent, I walked into my boss' office and handed her my resignation letter. I was giving 4 weeks notice, which I thought was nice. She looks at me, says "No. I can't deal with this today.", packed her stuff and left for a day of shopping on company time.

I went to my office, cleaned it out, finished off a day's work and put my keys in her mailbox.

The next day I got a call from HR saying they were giving me the day off without pay to think about what I did and that I was expected to be at work the next day.

No thanks.

2 years later i'm living my dream life.

Suck it Joan.

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maybe I'll grab a door

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Gave my Netflix password to my two little cousins (Squidgame Avatars) and they changed my previous profiles to their “Mom” and “Dad”. My family members and I are considered as “Guest” in the new profile they created.

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Meet Green from Arizona, an Alpha who hated Biden, welfare recipients and vaccines. After two weeks in a coma in the ICU, the gofundme for his pregnant wife and young kids says they’ll need public assistance. A simple shot could have prevented this.

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YSK picking a proper name for children is crucial & can be life-changing, don't take it lightly, don't pick stupid or "fun" ones

Why YSK? According to studies, picking names have a long-lasting effect on children's lives as they grow up. They can even affect school admissions & employment.

A child's name is not a social statement or a cool experiment, it's permanent & goes to become part of their core identity & self-worth.

Our names can shape our psyche & are reminders of how much our parents care about us. It can vastly hurt or improve life experiences.

Further reads:

Update: To make it simple, maybe at least ask ourselves three simple questions before choosing a name:

  • Would other children use it for bullying? Does it rhyme with a vulgar word?

  • Would it cause legal ramifications for the child in future?

  • If they apply for a job, would the hiring company assume it's a prank resume based on the name? Will you take somebody with that name seriously when they are 20, 30, 50 & 70 years old?

Update 2: I am an immigrant myself, with a non-English name which luckily is not hard to pronounce. But I have been thinking about my potential children's names for a long time. I have narrowed it down to a list of names with meaning both in English & my origins; this way, hopefully, they will have a choice.

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LPT: Those single and open to a relationship, stop looking for your dream partner. Instead, actually ‘become’ your dream partner. You attract who you are, not what you’re looking for.

You want that super-hot, career driven, kind, funny, financially stable, physically active life partner? Well then be it. If you’re severely under your desired threshold (that you don’t live up to yourself), then don’t expect to attain it in a partner. Either lower your standards or raise yourself to that benchmark.

You attract like for like. Simple.

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He's late for work

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My newest origami work, an owl! Folded from 150x150 cm double tissue paper.

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Michelin Guide

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