I've watched every winner of the Best Picture Oscar (and the one time only "Best Unique and Artistic Picture") in chronological order during the last 97 days!

I wanted to this for a long time. I got the idea to watch all of the Best Picture Winners from some random reddit comment early in 2016 and immediately started to buy all the movies i didn't already have in my collection. Had to shop around a bit, because not every movie was available here in Germany, or some where only available as DVD. So i shopped in UK, the US and Asia to get all the titles, even though i had to settle for DVD instead of Bluray for some of the older ones. And i included Sunrise into the thing, as in my opinion the first awards had two Best Picture categories and this was the winner of the one that wasn't awarded anymore in the following year.

When i finally had them all in the last third of 2016 i decided to put the project on hold because i wanted to finish watching all the other movies in my Bluray collection first. With a 2900+ title collection this takes a while, so the Best Picture marathon had to wait until September this year.

I had to reduce my average daily movie intake a bit during that, as some of the movies aren't exactly easy to watch material i think and they deserved their time and standing, so i didn't want to cramp to many of them in one day, resulting in some days where i only watched one and then proceeded to watch some random dumb stuff on Netflix or Prime, you could say to cleanse the pallet or something like that.

Overall i have to say it was a really nice experience to see a bit of the history of cinema and the way the techniques and styles have evolved. There are winners i haven't really heard of before the project, and i have to say some of them are lost to time for a reason. Not every winner is a master piece or a milestone, some of them, even in the early days, just make you question how the other movies from that year must have been. This feeling was of course quite a bit stronger in later years, when i came to years where i basically know every movie. And i know, one could consider it a bit circle jerky to shit on some of the later winners, but in my opinion there is absolute truth to a lot of it. Shakespear in Love, Chicago and Crash to name a few very famous examples, are really things with no right to such an award. But of course one must always remember that the awards are basically an advertisement and popularity contest and don't really try to reflect the best the industry has to offer. Overall I'm glad to have watched a lot of the movies and the good experiences fortunately greatly outweigh the bad or mediocre ones. I can really recommend to everyone interested in the history of cinema to do this if they have time to spare!

So after watching every movie in my collection and then watching every Best Picture Winner what can i do next? For one, in the time i watched the Best Pictures i bought roughly 70 new movies i laid aside that need to be watched now (see here)

Also i like to read a bit about the movies i watch, usually starting with a bit of the Trivia section on imdb. Over the past years i regularly noticed that on a lot of movies it is mentioned to be part of the famous 1001 Movies to Watch before you die list. So i decided that could be my next project for the next years: Try to watch every movie from that list i can get my hands on. I bought the book and in finest German precision marked every movie i haven't seen with a little marker, discovering that at the time i worked through the book i knew exactly 300 of the movies. The final book with its marks looks like this :)

Oh and since my last big post to this sub people have requested a link to my letterboxd profile, you can find me here: https://letterboxd.com/gumbulum/

If you have any questions or want to discuss a movie i would gladly join the conversation :)

Stay safe everybody and best wishes from Germany!

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Cancel all student debt + make college and trade school tuition-free

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TIFU By Going On A Date With An Ill-Behaved Manchild

Sorry for the length and formatting. On mobile.

TLDR; I ignored the warning of a friend about a guy who asked me out, I lived to regret it

This happened in 2008, shortly after I got stationed in South Korea (Republic of Korea, officially.)

I was a lowly private, albeit a reasonably attractive woman in my early twenties. I was out one night with some friends, when a tall, funny redhead guy, who happened to be one of my friend's soldiers, asked to take me out to dinner.

Friend told me it was a bad idea. I asked why, but he wouldn't give me details. My exact words were "what's the worst that could happen, I get a free meal and we don't click?"

As you may have guessed, this was not, in fact, the worst that could happen.

The following evening, we were supposed to meet at the taxi stand outside post, but he was late. He calls to tell me he's at the ATM and ask if I have cash for the taxi. Not a great start, but, sure, I can spring for the taxi.

He gets to the taxi stand, we ask the Korean taxi driver, in our mash of Korean and English, to take us to the nearby Air Force base, which houses the only Chili's on the peninsula. Something to the effect of "Adishe, Osan ka-ju-sai-oh" (Sir, take us to Osan, please.)

We're going through back roads, and I ask what he thinks of Korea so far. He starts going off on a rant about how "these people don't even speak English" and I must have looked at him like he had lost his mind. As I open my mouth to speak, a little boy loses his ball and runs into the street to get it. This set Red off all over again, talking about "these people have no common sense!" and just really racist, weird and out of touch comments.

When he finally takes a breath, I remind him that we're in their country, not the other way around, and that everyone's been really respectful, so I'm not sure what his problem was in the first place. He gets mad, and puts his headphones on, not saying another word to me the whole way to Osan.

When we finally pull up to Osan Air Force Base, I lean forward to pay the driver, and he says, in perfect English with an American accent "thank you, ma'am, that will be X amount of wan." and I could feel the blood rush to my face. Red does a double take at this man's English and darts out of the cab. I apologize profusely, and the driver reminds me he speaks English, tells me he spent ten years in Chicago, and that he knows I wasn't the one being awful. I tipped him as well as I could, thanked him, and apologized again.

We had to take another, shorter taxi ride once on base to the Chili's. Red remained silent, and, not surprisingly, I paid for this one, too.

Red, who is about 6 ft 2, dressed in baggy, bleach-white shoes, pants, t-shirt and baseball cap, decides to go to the restroom as soon as we're seated. He comes back, immediately and loudly commenting on "everyone" staring at him. Trying to lighten the mood, I say that it's strange how clear it is which guys are Army, and which are Air Force. He asks how I can tell, which is almost funny to me, and I use the phrase "pretty boys" to describe the AF guys, and say the soldiers all look a little tougher. He starts yelling actually yelling at me that if I like AF guys so much, I should go out with one of them. I just stared at him

Server comes, I ask for a water- there's no way I want to be drunk around this dude. He insists that the margaritas are the only reason to come to Chili's, and orders one for me. The server is a young woman who looks at me nervously, but I just nod to let her know it's fine. I ordered a Buffalo chicken salad, he orders two appetizers, beer and a steak.

I had one sip of the margarita, and "let" him finish it, on top of the three or four beers he has. He snaps at the server, sends his food back, just everything he could have done. We don't talk much.

The server brings the check and he says to her "Oh we'll split it right down the middle" or something very clearly to the effect of I'm paying 50% of that number. She looks at me again, and I take the check from her.

I am totally done at this point.

"Oh, if we're going to split it, let's split it! These beers are yours, the steak was yours, the appetizers are yours... technically the margarita was mine, even though you drank it, but I'll take that and my salad, and you, sir can pay for the rest!" The server is just standing there awkwardly staring as I finally raise my voice at this jerk. He opens his mouth to say something and I snap "What?! Did I miss something?!" and I hand her cash, as he hands her his card.

He didn't even tip, but I did. (Off post, tipping is rude, but, frankly, she more than earned it.)

He was totally silent the entire ride back, which, of course, I paid for.

I let his supervisor/my friend who had warned me know how it went down, and apologized for not heeding the warning. Somehow, at PT the next morning, Red had showed up in the wrong uniform and was smoked quite severely, I heard, but we never spoke again.

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Salt and Vinegar chips are better than both sour cream & onion and barbecue chips.

That's right. Salt and vinegar are the superior chip. Sour cream & onion chips just have an overly sweet yet salty taste that is just overwhelmingly disgusting. Barbecue chips leave your mouth feeling dry and bitter because of the awful taste. Salt and vinegar are just a perfect combination of flavors that is just overall better than other chips. EDIT: generic edit thanking redditors for upvotes and awards EDIT 2: oh lord I believe I've started a war

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This normal looking underpass near my house is actually the oldest underpass in the United States

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I flew 900 drones over Kansas City Friday night, maybe you saw it in person or on the news

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I have COVID and my fiancee leaves food for me and then sits in the hallway so we can eat together. Tonight I got surprise hot cocoa.

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Passing a school bus 🤦‍♂️

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Print that shit, Janet

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Found this thoughtful letter I wrote to my mom at age 7.

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