Gonna be an expensive coffee.

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Lemme Just Pose For you

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To BBQ ribs

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Overall Democratic Decisions for the Sub- Please comment with your input!!

Welcome to the Jungle 🦍🤝💪

Alright, housekeeping!!! Please use the numbers to make suggestions for me in the comments.

  • New rules are at the sidebar. Please let me know if you have input and/or see anything missing there. No, this will not be anything but $GME til MOASS. We just like that stock.

  • I'm working on post flairs. Very interested in how you want DD split up- for example DD- Technical Analysis.

  • User flairs- I am also getting those set up, you may have noticed there are a few available. PLEASE KEEP THEM CIVIL AND SOMEWHAT SFW. Don't put anything hateful or we can't have nice things. I'll manually change yours if they're offensive. I'll probably ask what you want instead, unless you're being an absolute motherFUDer. I'm also probably going to change the fact that they are self editing eventually once I get plenty programmed, so get your limited-edition-whatever-the-fuck-you-want-flair now lol. But, give me some good ideas for standard available flairs please!

  • Mods- I'm debating heirarchy (lackthereof) as I would ideally like mods to have as little platform as possible. I don't want to write daily posts and be a loud voice (anymore lol) I just want to serve you apes and keep a clean place according to the ideals we have clung to for this long through previous migrations. So PLEASE leave comment for this, and use the upvote feature to help me easily see what you agree with. I'm also open to mod nominations* in this thread and will rely heavily on the upvote/downvote system to let me know where the community agrees. Obviously this requires great trust, but I'm also not some fucking dictator and don't want to do this alone, I can't. Moderation is a shit ton of work but it's fulfilling when done right and a community thrives (thinks back to April and May :'))

*Obviously this requires a lot of community trust. I want lots of input on not just who to pick, but how to pick them, and how they operate. And on that note, no SATORI is not here and will not be here for the foreseeable future. I am also going to have to rely heavily on moderation to combat FUD and clean the sub until we get some things like automod up and running.

Use the Upvote/Downvote buttons to help me/us as we get our bearings here. This was seriously a sub I created before becoming mod of Superstonk and then abandoned. But it's here and welcome to all apes interested in $GME discussion. I'm depending heavily on these vote features to also weed out shills this first weekend. Y'all know FUD. Use your thumbs vigilantly please! The more you exercise that self moderation, the less power/responsibility/whatever I/we mods have.

On that note, I'll be brutally honest here guys and don't take it wrong. I don't want to police content and I don't want you to either. Let's just be cool. Everyone here knows the DD. FUD is practically powerless at this point, BUY and HODL are set in stone. I don't want to adopt old identities from the old place like Knights of New or anything. It's mostly because it's an old-sub thing. And the knights served.... the queen. So, fresh sub, fresh start? Everyone knows what content should and shouldn't be upvoted. Wrinkles have been formed. Apes are evolving.

evolution of ape, formation of wrinkles in medulla oblongata

Finally, I want to assure you of something that would seem silly in any other context.

Before you read this: I have no delusions of grandeur regarding my place here. I don't want to be a celebrity or perpetuate this idea. I'm the groundskeeper willie to you beautiful apes. This is not a divine appointment for me anything, I am not deluded. I just won't lie to y'all, I know that's why you're here. 🤝

I am a happily married woman in my 30s. I "retired" from corporate world in an Executive position to start my own business then (covid and such) I became a housewife with a family. This is a passion for me, but I have a stable family life irl and a healthy relationship with an (overly) supportive husband (who is not here let alone going to be anywhere near modship). I have purchased my own home in the past and have been largely independent and consistently employed (before marriage), and while I am no where near rich, I am comfortable enough and happy in my simple life. I HODL GME for many reasons like all of you. But I bought in on January 18 and I have only been averaging up since. Quite simply put: I cannot be bought out of my diamond hands.

Why am I telling you all this? This is TMI...

Well, you trust me to not do what just happened. Here's the transparency you were promised from the beginning. No I won't be sharing this again outside of this post, or harping on the past or whatever. But here's the truth so you know I'm here for the right reasons and just want to mod a fucking sub. (This will be treated as a work environment behind the scenes FYI to prevent certain issues happening again.)

Anyway, I look forward to your input, I appreciate everyone who trusts the truth enough to be here, and I am excited to see how you run your sub. Cheers everyone. 🍻

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Beekeeper things

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Jack Nicholson knows what is up.

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I was trying to take a picture of the guy in the costume and a person with with opposite colors walked into the frame

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Crash Bandicoot

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Zillow is aiming to kill real estate agents

Six fucking percent for a week of work. That's what realtors want in this market. 3% for the buyer's agent, 3% for the seller's agent, and all they have to do is take some pictures and put that shit up on the internet. It's galling. You have a $500k house and want to sell it? Well, not without paying $30k to some shithead with an MLS account! And it only gets more galling the richer you get. The transaction cost on buying and selling homes is just really, really fucking high when you use an agent.

And Zillow knows this, and they know people are sick of paying realtors $3,000-$10,000 per hour to sell their homes.

Today, I just sold an investment property to Zillow. They offered me the Zestimate (their own pricing model which is publicly available on their website), which is great because it's how I valued my house anyway. People are always on Zillow looking to see what shit costs, and they just offered me what they said the house was worth.

They charged me about $10k in seller concessions to for repairs and shit, which is higher than you might pay normally, but this is directly in line with my own estimations for what I would have needed to do to sell the house.

Finally, they charges .1%. POINT ONE PERCENT as a transaction cost. So at the end of the day, I got exactly the price I expected, I didn't have to deal with anybody's bullshit (buyers, agents, showings, cleanings, contractors, staging, pictures) and I basically did the whole thing online.

Their tech is also very good. Smooth docusigning, good customer service, even remote/Zoom notary services.

They are going to spruce this house up and then they are going to sell it on their own platform to another buyer. Even if they don't make a profit, what they just did is FUCK TWO TO FOUR REALTORS out of their commissions.

It's like Sony taking a loss on their hardware to get market share. This is how Zillow is going to win. It was easier and cheaper and I dont' feel slightly fucked. But realtors are fucked. I think Z has earnings on 8/5. I'm thinking about an option play but I don't know. My wife bought like 15k of their stock for a long term hold in her roth, so that's all we've got for now. What do you think?

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