One Piece chapter 1033 spoilers

Korean source

Title- "Shimotsuki Kozaburo"

Brief summary thanks to Redon from AP forums-

- Zoro attacks King directly, but there is an explosion.

- Sanji vs. Queen.

- Queen: "That guy is a survivor of the 'Lunaria tribe', which was wiped out.

- A monster that can survive in any environment in the world.

- In ancient times they were called "Gods"!!

- Sanji: "Why did they exterminate them?"

- Queen: "Ask Him!!"

- Zoro Vs. King again. Zoro managed to survive the explosion because he defended himself with color of armament

- Zoro attacks King with his "Shishishi Sonson" but it does nothing to him. King fights back.

- Zoro's swords begin to fall off the island, then he remembers something from his past.

- Zoro remembers Hitetsu's words about Kuina and Enma's sword being created by Shimotsuki Kozaburo.

- Zoro: So why did a Wano Kuni sword end up in the East Blue?"

- This part is very long, but the Korean leaker sums it up.

- Kozaburo said that each sword has its own personality.

- Weak swordsmen who are not able to control swords are afraid of them and that is why they say they are cursed.

- Zoro later discovered that Shimotsuki Kozaburo was Kuina's grandfather.

- Zoro: "What I lack is strength!!"

- Is it possible that Oden was able to use you easily even when you absorbed so much haki? Huh, Enma?"

- The Beast Pirates attempt to attack Zoro.

- Zoro: "What should I do? Should I regulate my haki? No... I'll give you what you want!!"

- The Beast Pirates who were going towards Zoro faint.

- King: "Are you really going to try to become a "king"?

- Zoro: "Of course...I have a debt to fulfill with my captain and my best friend!!!"

More from Redon-

- Zoro's final sentence refers to the same person, in the vignettes it is clear who he is talking about. (Monkey D. Luffy)

- The chapter is much better than it seems in the spoiler, there is a lot of text and a lot of cool images.


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