Beyonce's pseudo-feminism is letting her keep the evil practice under the shroud

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Our herding dog spent the day guarding Bambi until the mom came! Wilson is a dang good boy.

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He just wanted the hat

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Blursed perspective

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Sams club being petty

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With the success of Hamilton, I hope we see more live recordings of musicals

Broadway has traditionally been inaccessible for a significant portion of the country. Even touring shows can be prohibitively expensive for some. Having live recordings available on streaming makes theatre available for everyone. That's important, it introduces a new art form to kids everywhere. I was fortunate to see Cats live when I was a kid. The music still brings a smile to my face. I would love to see a professionally done live recording. Wicked and The Book of Mormon are two others that don't have a film adaptation.

Personally, I enjoyed that:

a) You can see the emotion on every actor's face. Even in the first few rows it can be hard to make out expressions. Anywhere farther back and this is missed.

b) The audio was clear and with subtitles I don't miss a single word. I've had difficulty hearing portions of a number of shows I've seen due to the acoustics of the theater and my seat location.

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AMA, then edit your comment to make me sound like a criminal.

Like really, let’s see how dark your minds go

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Whang-od Oggay, the 103 year old Filipino tattoo artist

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My wife (36F) won't stop forcing me to drink her coffee... I don't want to hurt her feelings but I can't go on like this.

My wife (36F) lost her job recently, while I (48M) am currently working from my home office. Because I don't often get a chance to take breaks, she is kind enough to bring me a coffee once in a while. Nothing fancy, just regular filter coffee.

This used to only happen once every few hours, so in an average day I'd drink maybe... 2-3 cups of coffee. That was fine.

The problem has come in recent weeks. When I sit down at my desk (usually 8.00-8.30) there is a steaming cup of coffee waiting for me. Great. I drink it. But almost as soon as I've finished, my wife will come in and leave me with a fresh cup of coffee.

Every 15-20 minutes, she will come into the room and bring me more coffee. I like coffee enough in the mornings, but I do not need to chug gallons of it throughout the day. The mugs that she brings me are not small either.

There are some issues I don't know how to explain or address. If I let the coffee go cold, she will make upset faces and often refuse to speak to me (sometimes for hours/even a full day) until I ask her for more coffee. I will admit that sometimes I deliberately don't drink my morning coffee on purpose just so I can get a few hours of peace.

We've talked about this repeatedly and almost daily at this point. Every time she comes in with a coffee, I'll tell her that I've had enough and I don't want any more. She will often just silently put the coffee down next to me and the process will repeat again.

I've asked for other drinks (water, coke sometimes) and she will sometimes bring these instead, but as soon as I've finished she will bring me another coffee.

Now I'm getting regular headaches, nausea, and sometimes I'll be able to feel my own heartbeat. I don't think for a second that all this coffee is good for me.

TL;DR: my wife brings me coffee constantly and expects me to drink it, how do I approach this?

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CMV: Kanye West is a shill for president Trump and running to syphon off young voters from voting for Biden.

Kanye West is a shill for president Trump and running to syphon off young voters from voting for Biden. First, he may have an excentric take on reality but can't honestly believe that he has a chance of winning. Second, if he truly wanted to be president, he would have started his campaign last year when he still had a chance to get on state ballots. Third, he has been an avid defender of Trump and the MAGA agenda. Just from reviewing other threads on reddit, there are people willing to vote for him. Generally speaking, the fan base of artists like Kanye skews young and culturally diverse, which are both not likely to vote for Trump.

There are plenty of other reasons you can say that Kanye is running, but unless you say how my view is flawed I will only consider those reasons as supplemental to the above concept and not as a replacement for.

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