Dog on bear blanket

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One shell of a nice guy

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It’s important to me that the people of social media know that my mother-in-law crocheted her grandcat a couch with a coordinating afghan.

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I love you mom!

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My favorite color is WHAT?

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John Oliver talks oppression, forced labor, and re-education... but in China. Tankies come to r/breadtube to calmly discuss.

Some background: BreadTube is for highlighting far-left (socialist) YouTube producers, but they’re generally not Tankies, who are (as far as I can tell) apologists for some of the worst aspects of the Stalin/Mao/other dear leaders’ regimes.

John Oliver is a perennial favorite on that sub, but now he’s commenting on China, so someone has to step in and save the poor Chinese government from CIA based slander.

Not super spicy, but there’s a bit of popcorn to be had.

turns out the best solution to american funded and trained mujaheddine is to educate them and give them job training.

Because this is CIA propaganda

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recreated the first episode of avatar: the last airbender 😊

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Never share your nudes with anyone, men are putting them up on websites sorted by location and by college, even including names

My friend sent me a disturbing TikTok video today where a girl exposes a website men have been using to share nudes of women local to their area. I went on the board to my state and on the front page I saw one of my sister’s friends, a girl I have known since she was 10 and I know would never post something like that publicly. Her name and face was included in all pics with men requesting more from whatever asshole was sharing them. I went to my local college page and after going through a 2 pages I saw 3 girls I recognized. I had to stop after that because I felt nauseous.

The posts include both location and names as well, incredibly personally identifying information that sometimes had a social media handle. There are town specific threads. All the posts were of women, there were posts requesting women, even of mothers and married women.

Women need to stop sharing nudes, even if you don’t include your face in them they will still post a picture of your face above them in their sick threads. No matter how a guy tries to convince or manipulate you into sending them, even if it’s on Snapchat, do not send them. You have no idea if you will end up on a website like this no matter what you think of the guy you’re sending it to.

I’m not going to post the website, it’s been scrubbed but mirror sites of it are still active. I also don’t want any men who lurk here to know of it. There is a petition going around to have the website taken down permanently and there are legal actions you can take if you find yourself on the website. Stay safe out there.

Edit: Someone PM’d me and confirmed there have been cases of minors being posted on there too

Edit 2: Receiving a lot of pms and comments about my use of the word “men” in the title. I find the fact that’s what you have the biggest grievance with in this entire post very telling

Edit 3: Had to remove the petition link to follow sub rules!

Edit 4: I don’t know how but site owners have started catching on to how people are talking about their creepy sites. Two of the mirrors I know are down for maintenance and “members only” and one is also trapped behind a paywall even though 1 hour ago they were open for anyone to see. Looks like they are trying to lock down their operation before the movement against it gets too much traction

Edit 5: To all the concerned women messaging me, I will be answering all of your PMs. Some of the women who did message me have found their pics on the sites before they were locked out by the site owners. In light of this, I am still sharing the links with users I can verify are women (I will NOT be sharing with any men) for you to have in case they do open the sites back up. Please PM me if you would still like the links and I’ll send you instructions on what I need to verify you are a women and how I will send these links to you. For now I’m taking a break from answering PMs but I will get back to everyone today or tomorrrow.

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At the "Women Azadi March" in Pakistan.

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Charles B. Tripp, the armless man & Eli Bowen, the legless man...riding a tandem 1890s.

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